Tied up a/c repair

So, stop me if you’ve been in this predicament before: It’s a quiet, comfortable Sunday afternoon. You’ve got the entire day ahead of you, and there is a list of things you need to take care of, including a grocery run and a stop at the mall to return something, before you leave, you notice that the temperature in your house is a bit warmer than usual for a Summer afternoon in June… When you check the thermostat, you find that the cooling system is not only off – it isn’t responding to any input at all! That’s always a big pain in the neck, isn’t it? Well, I was going through this exact predicament last weekend when I had a laundry list of things to do doing. And of course, all of those things were delayed because I had to get the a/c repaired… I called my usual heating and air conditioning maintenance supplier to get scheduled, but they were booked solid for the next many weeks! Now I was start to worry that I might have to go more than just a few mornings without any a/c, that’s when I reached out to a different supplier, which claimed to always have open availability for any repair. What they neglected to mention in their advertisements, was that they were open for any emergency repair! For routine repairs to a heating or a/c, they were about as free to drop by as my usual guys. With no other option, and a birthday party to host the following day, I had no choice but to call and schedule an emergency visit to take locale that same day, but sure, I paid far more than I wanted for my air conditioning system to get fixed, but at least it was done and over with by noon!

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