Station is all automated

Did you know that several suppliers control their spaces remotely plus rarely even have to go into the building.

Paying a monitoring supplier to ensure that everything is working properly can save a significant amount of money when it comes to the bottom line.

You may have a water treatment plant that is located across neighborhood plus you don’t want to keep an employee there to check on things. You can have the station completely automated plus it will even call a specialist if there is a problem. Of course much of this depends upon the power being on so in the event of a major power outage or inclement weather you may have to resort to the old practice of driving out to check on it. Installing automated technology requires careful attention to detail. People who design these systems need to know what your needs are now plus in the near future in order to put in the right component plus safeguards to make sure that you are glad with the new system. Trained electronics specialists, engineers, plus even designers specialize in these types of systems plus can show you all the advantages of having this type of component installed. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind that your supplier or component is running smoothly even when you are not there to watch it? Even you lake condo can be controlled by self-explanatory automation. Your control component plus security method are examples of this as well. These systems monitor the air quality plus temperature in your lake condo as well as let you know if there is an intruder. When you think about it, automation is a sizable part of most people’s lives.

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The technology increases

Over the course of the past 20 years I’ve seen a lot of changes at the supplier where I work.

  • One of the most significant is the amount of employees that we have to staff our facilities.

The supplier is growing plus you would think that this would mean more work however that is not the case. For instance, we no longer employed the same amount of building service Personnel because several of the things they were responsible for our now controlled by programmable systems. The two of us no longer have a person who is in charge of unlocking the building, turning on the lights, plus even increasing the Heating and Air Conditioning method so that the building is at the ideal temperature when the employees arrive. All of these things are controlled by a completely automated method that has been programmed to schedule all of those things to happen. As far as accessibility to the building we have all been issued swipe cards to gain access When we arrive at work. If a visitor were to come to the building they simply need to press the button plus it signals the Secretary of stairs to open the building if they are stressed to have a meeting there. The Heating and Air Conditioning method is programmed to adjust the temperature, either up or down, to the desired setting about an hour before people arrived plus then adjusted back when people have left the building. All of this technology allows for fewer employees plus this saves the supplier money on salaries. The downside of all of the automation is the fact that fewer people have great paying work to be able to support their families however in the end the supplier needs to make money. I just hope that our job isn’t updated by an automated method one day.

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Have you ever been in a corporate suite?

On one of my many travels, I had the opportunity to stay in a corporate suite.

I was in a high class hotel in the city I was working for at the time.

They put me up in this four-star hotel and I was staying in a corporate suite. I was holding several meetings that week and we were having them from my suite. I had enough room for twenty people to sit and be comfortable. I had full-service accommodations and all I had to do was make a phone call. I would have enough mixers and alcohol for a party of twenty. There would be bottles of champagne and I could order an array of appetizers or a full dinner party for twenty. I loved the private area of the corporate suite. Aside from the two bathrooms in the main area, I also had a full living suite with two bedrooms and each had its own bathroom. I had never been in a corporate suite before and I was pleasantly surprised at the accommodations. It was funny though, because after everyone left, I felt like I was ambling around in a very lonely apartment. I had all of the amenities I could have wanted, but I was still alone. I always wished that I could find a place that had full-service accommodations but it has taken away my need to have any human contact other than that of my staff and those that I see through work. Maybe it is like the old saying: ‘Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.’.


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Looking for an artisan loft

I can job and live here.

I was looking for a locale from where I could do my catering. I wanted someplace where I could live comfortably and still have room to move. I had been hearing a lot about artisan lofts and I had been seen multiple advertisements for artisan lofts for rent. The rental fee was really cheap and that was all I could afford, was cheap. When I went to look at the artisan loft, it was marvelous. They told me I could do what I needed to make the living section best for my craft. I had to show them pictures of the confections I created. I made small pastries that looked appreciate anything people wanted. I was an artist when it came to petite pastries. I bought an industrial oven and they even allowed me to put in a large refrigerator and freezer. Many of the people who also had an artisan lake house rental, came down to take pictures of my pastries. The one photographer had the photograph blown up and he gave me a copy for my wall. He said it was going to be a part of his photography exhibit and if it sold for large bucks, he would provide me a huge commission. I appreciate living in my artisan loft. I can job and live here. I am so gleeful I was able to find the ad for an artisan lake house for rent. The tall ceilings and the open floor plan of the artisan loft, make it the perfect locale to be. The other artists in the building, make it a fun locale to live and the people I was with and I all understand each other’s quirks.

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My indoor air quality is a mess

My indoor air quality is seriously gross.

Everything you can think of is inside of my home.

First, I have really long hair and I shed worse than a cat. My long hair gets in the HVAC system, then goes into the ductwork and then spreads around the home. I hate seeing my hair fly around and I absolutely despise picking it out of my air filter. Next, pollen is getting into my house. I wonder if it is because I go in and out of the house a lot. Perhaps I let the pollen indoors and carry it on my clothes. All my surfaces look dusty and I am sneezing all the time. Finally, the outdoor air temperature is hot and humid. Combine this now with my AC plan and moisture is everywhere. I have mold on a daily basis. I clean the outside of the air vents at least once a month just due to mold. My poor cooling system is coated in it. There is mold in the cooling coil, around the condensate drain and even mold around the outside of the system. I know my indoor air quality needs to be taken care of. In order to get rid of the mold I really should invest in a dehumidifier. This little IAQ device would remove moisture and keep me mold free. In order to clean the air quality, I need an air purification system. What is nice is that there are air purification plans sold that hook right into the HVAC. As the heating and air turns on, the air cleaner would get to work.

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Adding insulation hopefully will fix the AC issue

My boyfriend bought a rental property and that is all he wants to talk about.

Unfortunately his property is a total hunk of junk.

He has to make a lot of expensive repairs. In order to save money, he is doing it himself. The biggest issue is that the roof with the house has pitiful amounts of insulation. Apparently the air from outside can leak into the house easily. In the winter it is freezing cold and in the summer it is sweltering. Since it is August, everyone has been complaining to him about the air conditioner not working well. My boyfriend thinks if he fixes the insulation, the AC will be fine. Right now all the air the cooling system produces is leaking outside. How can the air conditioner expect to achieve the thermostat setting? Right now the tenants are dealing with 80 degree indoor temperatures. It is easy to blame the AC for not working right. I am hoping that after the home becomes air tight the cooling system can achieve whole home temperature control. If not, the tenants are right and the AC system is the problem. My boyfriend then will have to take it apart, clean it and deduce if there is a repair. He might even need to call a professional cooling business to give it some love. Who knows though. Perhaps the issue is more simple than I think it is. Maybe the August weather is unusually hot and no cooling system can keep up with it. So adding new insulation and cooling tune up is not necessary.

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Working out three feet away from an air conditioner repair

My next door neighbor was getting an AC repair yesterday.

We share a side yard that is about three feet wide.

My carport is right by the outdoor AC component next door. I work out in the space everyday. So I laid down my folding mats and did my workout like usual. The air conditioner repairman was so close to me working on the cooling device. It was really awkward. I could see everything he was doing. He had what looked like a little propane tank and gauges hooked to the outdoor unit. What kind of test was he doing on the air conditioner equipment? He also was not very professional looking. I assumed a HVAC technician would be in uniform and drive a truck with the logo on it. The guy had a white van, but the logo was faded and peeling off on the sides. His uniform was dirty jeans, work boots and an old ACDC t-shirt. He did not look like he was licensed, certified or using factory tested tools. I guess air conditioner repairs are not cheap. If you are willing to take a gamble on a local handyman, you could save some money. No way would I have let that guy touch my cooling device. I will give him this, he did look like he was actually doing something. I can’t be too sure if he fixed the air conditioner since I tried not to stare at him my whole work out. I really appreciated that he ignored me three feet away from him as well.

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I can't be cheap when it comes to the cooling unit

Everyone of us are honestly getting over a small apartment fire.

Every one of us didn’t realize that we were causing a lot of problems, but when every one of us decided to install our own radiant flooring we did a terrible job.

I really wanted radiant flooring in the house so I bought some of those mats that can be hooked up to each other and then set to the electricity. Unfortunately, all of those radiant heating mats took up too much energy and ended up causing a meltdown inside of the outlet. In a matter of moments, there was a small fire behind the wall in our apartment. The two of us had to call the fire department and our maintenance tech worker. When the people came along, they clearly said this issue was due to the radiant heated flooring being plugged into the wall. I’m surprised they didn’t make us pay for all of the damages due to the radiant heated flooring. The both of my friends and everyone of us knew this was a problem. The next time we’re going to get some radiant heated flooring in the house, the both of us are going to pay the extra money to have a professional install all of the components. A professional would have known that the radiant heated flooring would bounce out our electric bill and cause some problems. Since the both of us barely have any idea about electricity or heating, ventilation, and cooling plan components, we really jacked that plan up.



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Portable A/c units aren't very powerful

Small air conditioners are great to help with the central Cooling component in your cabin. I’ve heard from a lot of folks that these portable cooling units can work very well. Any of my friends and even some of my family members have purchased a small portable cooling unit to help save some time as well as energy. I bought one for my cabin, but I felt like it didn’t work very well. Everyone of us wasted $150 to buy a small portable cooling plan that was supposed to help the family room. On a moderately humid day, every one of us honestly decided to turn on the cooling unit to see if it would work. Everyone of us let the machine run for 30 minutes, but it barely did any job at all. I felt like taking it back to the store to get a refund. My wife suggested that we give it another day as well as try to use it in another room. I did just that, as well as didn’t feel like it changed it at all. By the time I was ready to take it back to the store for a refund, we had already tried using it for three days. Every one of us weren’t surprised that the person at the repair desk tried to keep us from returning the portable air conditioner. After all, we had used it on several occasions. Still, I didn’t want to pay any money for something that I couldn’t absolutely use and I thought it was better to take it back and get my money even if all they could do was give me store credit.



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Building A swamp cooler Is Cheap

My friends and I adore a good challenge.

My friends and I were passed with a single challenge last month.

We decided to build something of our own that was a cooling plan. This cooling plan was nothing care a central heater or air conditioner. This cooling plan was the type to be effective and even powerful like an air conditioner. Every one of us try to accomplish the task. Every one of us ordered a lot of parts online, though you would believe these parts would take hundreds of dollars and they were only less than 10. The next step we had to perform was a little bit of research to understand how our air conditioner works and how we can build a single on our own. My friends and I saw multiple live videos that gave us enough information to get started. After buying the strange products and most of the tools we would need to get the work done, we began working on our successful plan. My friends and I spent many mornings honestly trying to figure it out and even get things right. It didn’t replace our air conditioner at all, but the both of us loved the challenge of seeing if we could get an air conditioner to work on our own. Most of the people that I know would call this a swamp cooler and not really like an actual air conditioner. I think when we are done, that the smart swamp cooler will be a great addition to our humble abode.

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