I should have listened to my husband about the air conditioning issues

I had no idea that there was something wrong with our air conditioner until after it was fixed.

I should have listened to my husband a few months ago when he told me that I should call an HVAC technician about our air conditioner.

I told him that there was no reason to call. I did not think that there was anything wrong with our air conditioning system. My husband kept complaining that it was warmer in the house than usual, but I truly thought that he was just crazy. It was not warm to me at all. I had the thermostat set to seventy-two degrees, and it felt like seventy-two degrees to me. I was wrong though, and I only found out because we had an HVAC company come in to check out our furnace. We have our furnace serviced just about every year during the fall just to make sure it is ready for the winter months. While the HVAC technician was at our house servicing our furnace, I told him about a noise that our air conditioner had been making. It was not a very loud noise, but it was there. He offered to check it out, and it turns out that there was a part that was bad in our air conditioner. It needed to be replaced in order for our air conditioner to work properly again. He asked if I had noticed if the house was warmer than usual, and I told him that I did not notice, but my husband had. I should have listened to my husband in the first place.


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The house we are renting is having HVAC issues

My husband and I have been renting the same house for over twenty years now.

We have thought about moving several times, but we just cannot bring ourselves to do it. Our children grew up in this house, and we have so many memories here. Our landlord is a great guy who has always worked with us. He has done his best to take care of us, and we truly love the man. He is getting older, and he is planning on selling his properties to his nephew. We are super sad about it, and we really hope that his nephew is as great of a man as he is. Our house is actually having HVAC issues right now. The air conditioning in the house is not working very well. The fan still kicks on, and it seems to blow relatively cool air, but it is not as cool as it should be. It is driving us crazy because we are used to having a nice cool house, and right now, our house is at about eighty degrees. We have the thermostat set to seventy degrees, but it is eighty degrees. We have called our landlord, and he has already been over to the house to check out the air conditioning system. He has no idea what is wrong with it either. Everything that he knew to check is working properly, but there is obviously something wrong with the air conditioning. He called an HVAC company that he usually works with, but they were booked for another week. He ended up calling a second HVAC company that he worked with in the past. They are going to have a technician come out tomorrow. I hope they can figure out our AC issues.



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I bought a heater for my small closet

It may sound funny, but I bought a space heater for my closet.

I am not going to lie, I am quite spoiled.

I have a walk-in closet the size of many people’s bedrooms. It is huge. I absolutely love it. I keep so much in there. I can’t imagine how much clothes I actually have. I know that it may seem like a waste, but I make sure to wear all of my clothes that I have at least once a year. If I don’t wear it, I donate it. I have an entire wall of shoes, and I can’t seem to get rid of those quite as easily as I get rid of clothes. I love shoes so much! I counted one time, and I had over a hundred and fifty pairs of shoes. I probably have more than that now since I can’t remember the last time I got rid of a pair of shoes, but I keep buying them. I will probably buy a new pair about once every couple of months. I like to have my closet heated because I spend so much time in there. Not only are there clothes and shoes in there, but I also have my vanity and whole makeup set up in there. I spent about two hours a day in that closet, so it is important to me that it is warm. I used to try and do my makeup in the morning in that closet without a space heater in there, and it was miserable. I have heat in my bedroom of course, but for some reason, it doesn’t reach my closet very well. I am glad to have a space heater now.



Heating the garage is not easy

I wish that heating my garage was easier.

  • It has been quite a hassle this winter.

I used to have a furnace in my garage, but it quit on me the very first week of winter. It was quite a disappointment. I do not have the money to buy a new furnace and get it installed right now, so I have been using space heaters to try and heat the garage. I have one propane space heater, and it works the best. It puts off so much more heat than the electric space heaters. I have two electric space heaters that I use along with the propane space heater. It was so much nicer when I had a working furnace because it didn’t take ages to heat up the garage. Now, I have to turn the space heaters on for about an hour and a half before I want to be out in the garage. That is just for it to get above freezing too. It doesn’t get up to sixty degrees for about three hours. It is no fun to say the least. I am going to try and see if I can find a used furnace. It would be so nice to have a furnace again even if it takes me awhile to figure out how to install one. I had issues with furnaces a lot in the past few years, so I am a little afraid to look at used furnaces, but I know that I can’t afford a brand new furnace, so it is either a used one or nothing. My dad thinks that I should buy a new one, but I just don’t know if I want to wait until I save up the money for a new one.


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Even the HVAC tech had problems

When it’s time for a brand new central heating and air conditioning system, you will really know it’s time! I had been having a lot of ongoing issues with both my heating and cooling for a while now.

It seemed that almost every other month I was having to call the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified HVAC specialist to do some kind of work on my central heating and cooling unit.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and neither could the HVAC techs that were out here. At first I just chalked it up to having bad luck with my heating and air conditioning system. This is what the HVAC tech had thought too. But the last incident I had with my central heating and air conditioning system really gave the heating and air conditioning specialist some problems trying to repair it. He was confused. This was when he said to me that I now had no choice but to get a brand new and very up to date central heating and air conditioning unit if I wanted to have good indoor comfort in my home. There was no further choice in the matter. This old heating and cooling system had for sure seen its day. So I had to throw down the few thousands of dollars to get a new central heating and air conditioning system unit. I picked the best priced one that had the best reviews. The heating and air conditioning specialist told me I actually made a good choice too.


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Duct cleaning didn’t help

I was having some pretty bad air quality issues in my home the last year. After doing several bits of troubleshooting, I found that the first step I should do is to get the ductwork of my central heating and air conditioning system cleaned. Cleaning the ductwork of the central heating and air conditioning system I figured was the issue. I found this out by someone telling me that when you do not have the ductwork of your central heating and air conditioning system cleaned on a semi regular basis, it can create bad air quality in the home. So this was the first thing I did. I expected that after the local heating and air conditioning company sent a certified heating and cooling specialist out to do a full on ductwork cleaning, that my indoor air quality would be better and my issues would be nothing but a distant bad memory. However this was not the case. It turned out that the ductwork of my central heating and air conditioning system was not the problem. The problem was actually the neighborhood I lived it. So the only way I could fix the indoor air quality would be to get some kind of an indoor air cleaner. The best one would have been a whole home air purification system. But whole home air purification systems are a bit out of my price range. So I had to settle for getting a few portable air purification systems. The portable air purification systems actually did the job!

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The library books that gave me my career

They just had a fan and a tiny little window air conditioning unit.

I used to go to the library in the summer a lot when I was a kid. I lived on the east coast at the time, and while being down the shore at my grandparents’ house, there was this library in town that I used to ride my bike to all the time. The library was a great place to go on a really hot summer day because they had some really great central air conditioning in there. I would sit in this one private kind of room in the back of the library and just read and do research on different things while I was just enjoying the central air conditioning! Back at my grandparents’ house they did not have central air conditioning. They just had a fan and a tiny little window air conditioning unit. So going to the library to feel the air conditioning was a real treat! All of these summer trips to the library actually ended up leading to the career I have today. I love researching things, and somehow I ended up reading a ton of things about the heating and air conditioning business. I guess it was that great air conditioning in the library that even made me do this. But to make a long story short, all of this reading on HVAC technology and related made me end up going to HVAC school to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist! And that is what I do for a living today 35 years later! I love my career.

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My wife’s bubble bath and the space heater

Since we had really good central heating in the home, we never got another space heater until this.

I just bought 2 new space heaters for the bathroom. The reason I ended up doing this is because my wife was complaining how cold she was while taking her nightly bubble bath. She was saying that every time she got out of the bathtub she would feel as if she was in the freezer. I thought that was a bit of an extreme way of putting it, but I got the point. So by buying 2 new space heaters and placing them on each side of the bathroom, this has now made my wife happy while taking her nightly bubble bath. We had a space heater that we used to use for the bathroom but it had broke a few years ago. Since we had really good central heating in the home, we never got another space heater until this. It seemed that the central heating, no matter how good it is, was just not keeping my wife warm while she was sitting in that bathtub for about an hour. I guess it kind of makes sense to me when I really sit down and think about it. I am just glad that the space heaters that I had to buy did not cost me a fortune! Space heaters are pretty cheap in general, which is a great thing. But the fact that these 2 space heaters I bought were on sale was a plus! So now my wife is happy, I can rest easier and not have to hear her complain about it any longer!
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After the heater was fixed, we sprinted all the way

When my brother and I were in middle school, my parents took us on a winter vacation.

It’s one of the only times that I remember going on vacation for Christmas.

Most of the time we went to our grandparents house or we stayed home. I remember one time in particular, because the car heater stopped working during our trip. We were driving 11 hours to get to our destination. My brother and I didn’t have any electronics like cell phones, DVD players, or tablets. My parents bought us a travel checkers and chess set. We also had a coloring book with crayons and markers. My brother and I were bored after the first two or three hours. I think my parents were bored too, because my mom and Dad didn’t talk much. My mom was napping and my dad was listening to the radio. It was pretty cold outside and there was snow on the ground. When the car heater stopped working, everyone noticed. My Dad pulled over to a truck stop when my mom started to complain about the car temperature. We were stuck on the side of the road for hours. My dad stood outside in the snow with a flashlight. He must have been freezing cold. He tried a lot of different things to fix the heater. After a few hours, we ended up going to a hotel for the night. In the morning, my Dad took the car to a mechanic to have the heater fixed. I thought we would probably go home after all of the problems, but my mom and dad sprinted the rest of the way.


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Faulty ventilation problems cause plane to land early

Flying on an airplane is one of those experiences that a lot of people find terrifying.

  • On a list of top 10 things that make people nervous, airline travel is number two on the list.

Going to the dentist is number one. My wife and I rarely travel by plane. I went to college on the other side of the country, and I spent a lot of time traveling home and back. I rode on a plane three or four times each year. After college, I didn’t ride on an airplane for nearly 15 years. When my wife and I went on our honeymoon, we decided to take a plane to our destination. Both of us were very nervous. I remember the experience like it was yesterday, even though it was nearly 10 years ago. My wife and I were nervous to board the plane, but the friendly staff made the trip fun. We had a great lift off and very little turbulence during the first half of our flight. Unfortunately, we ran into some trouble in the second half of our flight. The ventilation system was having some problems and there was no air coming out of the vents. We couldn’t get heat or cool air. The stewardess couldn’t get any type of air to flow at all. The ventilation system must be one of the important components on a plane, because the faulty system had us grounded in less than an hour. We had to make an unscheduled stop so the ventilation problem could be fixed. We ended up taking a different plane the rest of the way.