I hated having no control over my thermostat while I was in college

I don’t know why my mind travels back to my college years so frequently. Sometimes I drift back during random moments of the afternoon while I’m at work, whereas other times I have vivid dreams of my old school and the group of friends I bonded with my first two years of undergrad. It was a tumultuous time between the transition from childhood into adulthood coupled with this enormous pressure to make something of my time there to set the stage for the rest of my life. I knew many people who simply couldn’t handle it while being simultaneously overwhelmed by peer pressure and social claustrophobia. But, as frustrating as I know it was back then, I can’t help but look back with anything but yearning and positivity. Although, one thing I hated for sure was the administration’s habit of making weird policies. One was removing control of our HVAC thermostats in our dorm rooms during my second year. Our climate here gets fairly warm during any time outside of December through February, so having our access to temperature control removed was a huge disappointment. It was a shared source of frustration amongst the entire student body after the change went into effect. Some of the students managed to remove their thermostats and hand wire a new one in place of the “locked” one. Although, one of those students was nearly expelled for doing so after the modification was found during routine winter break inspections. I know one thing for sure, no matter how much I may look back on those years with rose colored glasses, I will never miss those terrible thermostats and the hot and humid dorm rooms we were subjected to during that time.
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Metal ductwork can be cleaned after years of microbial buildup

My parents are living in this cute condo in the southwest.

After baring the brute force of northern winter weather through the majority of their adult lives, they were eager to find a warmer home. And with interest rates dipping, it has become a buyer’s market for real estate. They only looked for a few months before they found something suitable that fits their expectations and needs. It’s just a two bedroom, two bathroom unit with an attached lanai. The units are attached together in a strip and are all single story with no additional units above. Since they have an end unit, they never hear noise from their neighbors. The view out the back overlooks a lake that is home to many ducks, geese, frogs, and various kinds of fish. As much as they love the new condo, their home inspection revealed quite a bit of nasty microbial buildup in their HVAC duct. Thankfully, since the building was a little over two decades old, it had been built with sturdy metal ductwork that was well insulated during installation. This meant that a qualified heating and cooling ventilation cleaning service could scrub out most of the fungal buildup and suck the spores and dirt away with a special vacuum cleaner attached to the opposite end of their ductwork. A large mechanical brush scrapes away the crud as it moves closer to the vacuum end of the ventilation system, collecting any spores or debris in the process. It’s an interesting procedure to witness and thankfully it yielded positive results with my parents’ respiratory health. The gross odor in their condo was finally gone and the air smelled and felt clean for the first time since moving in.

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I managed to get a black friday deal on a portable air conditioner

Although my brothers and sisters love the holiday, I have never taken a liking to black friday.

  • I went with them once and camped out of a large electronics store overnight only to get nearly trampled as the doors opened.

It turned out that they didn’t have the particular item we had been hoping for, and anything else that was of interest was gone while we assessed the situation. Ever since that day, I have avoided black friday sales. But, now that so much commerce is online these days, I started to take notice of internet black friday sales. Many of the companies with brick and mortar stores offer similar black friday deals and promotions on their websites. My brother is a guitarist and was telling me about a sale he was eagerly waiting for where he could get a tube amplifier for half its normal cost. I on the other hand have been trying to find a portable air conditioner that fits within my budget but doesn’t have horrible reviews. With the limited selection in my price range, I’d either be forced to buy a unit with known defects or spend more than I possibly can and get a better machine. I found one of these more expensive machines in a large appliance store’s black friday listings on their website. The savings made the machine cost the same as the low quality ones, meaning I could at last get something that actually works well while still staying within my budget. I am really pleased with this new portable air conditioner. The installation was easy and I am already feeling the improved air flow in my apartment.

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My new AC condenser is loud and is outside my bedroom window

Living in the deep south has its ups and downs. Many of the regular folks in my area are particularly pleasant and nice in person, even when bumping into strangers at the grocery store. Everyone politely says “yes mam” or “yes sir” regardless of the recipient’s age. It’s nice feeling such a strong sense of community among people I don’t even know. But, at the same time, the climate down here can be unrelenting at times. Daily highs are always in the 80s or 90s throughout most of the year. We get a strange cyclical pattern of changing temperatures during our minor winter season. Some weeks we see temperatures dip into the 50s and 60s, whereas other weeks it gets as high as the low 80s in the afternoons. That’s hardly “winter weather” if you ask me. Although this surely beats living in freezing temperatures at or below zero degrees fahrenheit, I still have a few things to complain about. In particular, I hate how much I rely on running an air conditioner throughout the year. Some days I have it cycling almost non-stop between cool and idle modes with very few breaks, leading to wear and tear on an already old heating and cooling system. Sadly, I had to pay the immensely high cost of getting a new central HVAC system last month after the old air handler died. This new HVAC system also came with a new condenser unit that lives outside. Unfortunately, when the house was originally built, the designer put the air conditioner components near the master bedroom. With the new and more powerful air conditioner condenser outside my bedroom window, I can’t get peace from the noise from hearing it run all day long. I wish I had asked about the decibel rating before I signed the paperwork.


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Our air conditioner is causing a lot of water problems

Our windows can’t be opened because water from the top portion of the air conditioner runs straight down the window

When I moved into a camper fulltime, I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea what to expect. We had to downsize everything and keep only the stuff that was truly important. We had to learn to live without certain luxuries, but thankfully, our camper did have some important luxuries. We have a furnace in our camper that keeps us very warm, and we also have an air conditioner in our camper that keeps us very warm as well. However, if you have ever lived in a camper, then you know that in our homes, the air conditioners are not located where an air conditioner is normally located. Our air conditioners are located on our ceiling, and the entire air conditioner runs through our roof, and it has a large part of it above the camper. This allows the small air conditioner to use vents above the room to blow air throughout the camper, keeping the camper cold even during the warmest of summer days. However, in our camper, it also causes a problem. Our air conditioner has been causing a lot of water damage. First of all, the entire ceiling around the air conditioner vents is discolored because of the water damage. Condensation builds there from the air conditioner, creating mold and other problems. Also, I have noticed that we always have water running down our camper. Our windows can’t be opened because water from the top portion of the air conditioner runs straight down the window. We have gutters, but the water from the air conditioner causes stuff to clog the gutters. The system is not as convenient as it seems.


Our air conditioner is causing a lot of water problems

Having a central air conditioner is so nice

If you aren’t sure if having a central air conditioner is worth it, then you should definitely reconsider.

I used to be like you once. I had a ton of window air conditioners in my house, and those window air conditioners kept me cool for so long. I could never seem to purchase a house that had a working central air conditioner, so I had no choice but to purchase window air conditioners. Thankfully, I justified this in my mind. When it comes to the initial purchase of an air conditioner, window air conditioners are much cheaper to buy and install. I don’t need the help of an HVAC technician to install my window air conditioners. However, there were some noticeable disadvantages to having to use window air conditioners. First of all, installing them and uninstalling them is a pain, and you have to have a place to store your air conditioners. Window air conditioners take up room and are very noisy. Finally, there are many rooms in your house where you can’t put an air conditioner. After moving into a house with a central air conditioner, I don’t have any of these problems. My air conditioner runs off of the same thermostat as my heating system, and my air conditioner is completely silent. I don’t have to worry about storing it anywhere, and it keeps every room in my house cool. Also, I learned that central air conditioners save you money in the long run, which makes the installation fees worth it! I don’t ever want to go back to using a window air conditioner.

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I bought a new air conditioner for my daughter’s bedroom

I love my children so much, but we have been having a rough time lately with our teenagers.

They are truly great kids, so I do not want to complain about them.

They are just at that stage where they think that they know everything. It is hard to deal with sometimes, but I try to remember what it was like to be there age. It helps a little bit. It has honestly been better the last couple of months. My teenage daughter even apologized to me for acting like she knows it all. We have been spending a lot of time together, and I think that has helped our relationship a lot. We love to go shopping together. The other day, we spent a few hours shopping for clothes. We did not end up buying any clothes, but we bought an air conditioner. My daughter had been wanting an air conditioner for her bedroom for a little while, but we just could not find one that we could afford, so we were saving for one. It just so happened that at one of the stores that we stopped at looking for clothes, we found air conditioners on clearance. I looked up the brands of the air conditioners, and they were all good brands. We just picked the one that looked the nicest. Katlyn is so happy to have an air conditioned room. I am super happy too. I have always loved having an air conditioned room during the hot summer months, and I am so glad that we were able to find an air conditioner for her.



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The heater in our bedroom works amazingly

The way that I heat our bedroom warmer is by using that little space heater that I used in college.

My husband and I both like our bedroom to be warm. I am so thankful that my husband likes the room to be warm too. When I was in college, my roommate hated the bedroom being warm, so she always set the thermostat to sixty degrees. To me, it felt like an ice box. I could not sleep when it was that cold. I had to have a heated mattress pad as well as a tiny electric space heater that blew directly at my face. My husband is just like me when it comes to keeping the temperature of the bedroom high. We usually keep our house at seventy degrees, but our bedroom is usually around eighty degrees. We both sleep so much better that way. Neither of us had air conditioning growing up, and I sort of wonder if that is why we do not like being cold. We got so used to being warm all the time that sleeping well in a cold bedroom just wasn’t happening. My mom thinks that is the reason why we like the warmth and why we rarely get sick. I do not know about the sick part, but it is true that we do not get sick very often. Regardless, we are both happy, and we both sleep super well now. The way that I heat our bedroom warmer is by using that little space heater that I used in college. It heats up our room so well. It did not heat up my dorm room though, so I guess it is just because our bedroom is so tiny. I am super glad that I decided to keep that little heater. It works great!

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Living in the north means you need to have a good furnace

My husband and I both grew up in the north, but when we were first married, we decided to move south.

We stayed down there for three years, but we just had to move back.

We could not stand the heat. We thought that we would get used to it, but it did not happen. We dreaded the summer months, and we missed the snow in the winter. It was not what we were expecting anyway. We did not like our jobs, and there was nothing really keeping us down there. I was so happy when we decided to move back up north. One thing that we did not think about much when we lived down south was our furnace. We only turned the heat on a few times. It just never got very cold. It was a little chilly sometimes, but we just lived through it because we did not want to have to pay a higher gas bill. After moving back up north, we did not even think to get our furnace serviced before winter hit, and that was a huge mistake. About one month into the winter season, we started noticing that the house was not quite as warm as it should have been. I checked the thermostat several times, and it was set to seventy-two degrees like usual, but the house was only about sixty-two degrees. Again, we just lived with it for awhile. One morning we woke up to a freezing cold house, and we knew that we needed to do something about our furnace. We ended up calling and HVAC company, and they had it fixed within a few hours. I wish that we would have had it fixed sooner, but it’s all good now.


I found a new heater for my camper

I love fishing so much.

It is super relaxing and refreshing.

My dad loved to fish, and I think I may have gotten my love for fishing from him. We used to go on fishing trips all of the time. I wish that we could still go, but my dad’s health does not allow him to get out to fish anymore. My husband knows how much I love fishing and how good it is for me, so he takes me on fishing trips whenever he can. Basically, we spend the weekend fishing and camping out. We bought a tiny little camper that we tow behind our truck. It is the perfect size for the two of us on our short fishing adventures. The only trouble we have with the little camper is keeping it warm enough during the colder months. I love ice fishing, so I had to find a way to heat our little camper. I looked for awhile before I found the perfect little heater. It is an electric heater, but it does not pull too much power, so we are still able to use the microwave and stuff while the heater is on. My husband did not think that such a little heater would make much of a difference in the camper even though the camper itself was small. He was surprised when that little heater got the camper up to sixty degrees when it was only twenty-five degrees outside. I was actually surprised by how warm it was as well. I am just super glad to be able to go on fishing trips during the winter and have a warm camper to stay in.

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