I need a new heating system for my camper

My children love going camping, but I am not so happy about the idea.

I didn’t like going out into the wild and sleeping on the ground while bugs were feasting on me like I was a picnic basket.

I was keeping my eye out for a camper so I could also enjoy camping like my children do. They could still go out and fish with their dad, or take their hikes, while I stayed in the camper with my heating or air conditioning and I didn’t worry about bugs eating me. I found a camper that was free for the taking and I called about it. They had completely remodelled the inside of the camper, but no one had hooked up the heating and air conditioning. I was wondering why they were giving it away and they said that their parents had owned the camper for quite a while, but no one else camped. I thought this was odd, but I hooked it to my truck and I took it home. My husband came home from work and he was impressed with the camper and thrilled with the price. There was enough space for six people and it had all of the amenities. He tried to start the HVAC system but nothing happened. He turned on the heating, but there wasn’t even the sound of a HVAC system running. The same thing happened with the air conditioning. A friend of his came over and looked at the camper and he told us it was in great shape, but there wasn’t any electrical system. Nothing was going to work until someone put electricity into the camper. Now I need to have the electrical system installed if I want a HVAC system.

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