A challenging winter season

I remember this really hard time in my life when a few friends of mine and I were kicked out of our rental property.

  • We were basically homeless for a period of time and this was in the winter months.

We were absolutely desperate to keep warm and we even hung out with some other homeless people around their makeshift fireplaces. Eventually we rode around in our old van which we were living in and we found this house that appeared to be abandoned. We actually got into the house and of course the electricity was not working, but we were surprised that the gas was working. One of the first things we did was turn on the stove to feel some heat. Then we tried turning on the heating system, but that didn’t work. Then we discovered there was a ventless gas heater that was hooked to the gas and we were able to get that going. It was such a relief to be in a place that we actually had heating in, even though we were squatting in this house. We managed to get new jobs and eventually we were able to afford a place of our own again after we made it through the winter. Surprisingly, nobody ever came back to that abandoned house. I actually wonder if they still have the gas on at the place. There probably is other people who decided to get into the place as well who needed a place to stay for a little while. We were ultimately just happy that we were able to make it through that difficult winter and get back on our feet.

Gas fireplace