My office is so hot that everyone is getting sick

There should be some sort of law that makes it a crime to make your employees work under uncomfortable conditions.

I know this is laughable because any court would just tell you to get a new job rather than fine an employer for such a thing.

I should explain that I work on the third floor of an old office building and I am stuck there for eight hours every day. My space has no windows that I can open and I am stuck breathing overheated stale air all day. Many of my co-workers have actually complained about the air making them sick and have taken time off or found other jobs. This makes us short handed and the added workload doesn’t help the situation either. The boss just expects us to deal with it and even tells us to go somewhere else if we don’t like it. I, for one, really wish I could. I just graduated college a few months ago and I was lucky to find this job. In our area accounting jobs are few and far between and I have student loans to pay. I don’t have the luxury of having anyone else to depend on like parents or a spouse. I just wish that our boss would see that if he were to install air conditioning or ventilation units our workplace would be so much better. We would be more productive and he would not have so many people calling in sick or leaving. He could retain quality employees instead of ones like myself who are just desperate for a paycheck.

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