We are servicing the cooling unit

                                               I work at the mall for a store that sells lotions, perfumes plus hand soaps, and everyone always comments on how good of a job it must be, they always bring up it must be good to be around all the fine scents, but my job is really horrible! If the store odor were only vanilla, cinnamon or lavender that would be okay. Instead all the scents float around the store plus mix together. It makes it a potent plus horrible mixture. I always have a raging headache by the end of the each day. The scents get to me and stick to my clothes. The other workers and I are always filing complaints to the manager, but she seems so unwilling to do anything to help the problem. She says that is the experience of the store, our air quality is so polluted that the people I work with and I all frequently get very sick. I want to get an air purification plan for the store cooling system plus install it right there.  When the cooling system turns on, the whole store air purifier would work to remove odors from the indoor air levels. All of us then would have no odors plus none of them mixing together all around us. I recognize that if this were to work I could work a full day and not get sick. I am sure our clients could handle the disappointment of there not being a constant odorant in the air. A little air cleaning in the store air quality would make a big difference. At the least, the whole store air purifier should start turning on towards the end of the day or morning. There should be at least some times where the store is fresh plus fine to breathe in.

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