I was super uncomfortable

The north is seeing record splitting frigid temperatures! The snow, wind plus frigid came in early and seems to be sticking around way longer than usual.  This may mean the plague is coming in. Yesterday the winds in my neighborhood got to be over 70 miles. The dead trees started to lose branches in the intense winds, some of those branches knocked out a power line close to my apartment. Everybody on the street was left without any power. In the summer, not having power is not such a big deal. I can swim in my pool plus disinfect any dishes with that same water. Since it’s just the  two of us we don’t legitimately need cooling and we love to make food over a fire. In the winter, no power is legitimately alarming. My loft was had no power for over 13 days. Our weather certainly has its drawbacks, not having any heating for such a long time can be dangerous plus alarming. Not only could a person freeze to death, the piping and other things could become frozen too. This would be like an extreme injury to the home. We had to hook up the generator to keep our heating unit on. It was not fun dealing with generators and furnaces because of knocked out power lines in the middle of the street. We had to deal with the generators because we needed to survive and have heating. Luckily every one of us did survive. Since we had the generators each of could take a shower and use the bathroom. That meant we could go to work the next morning. The houses that don’t have any power, I do not know how they survive. Do you think they attend public venues with heating until the power is turned back on?

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