I did enough research

My home is severely old,  we needed to change the roof for a undoubtedly long time. At times, after a windy afternoon, I’d have to pick up the shingles out of my flower gardens. During serious rain storms, I’d place buckets around the house to catch the leaks. My husband and I held off making improvements to the roof. All of us knew a simple patch wouldn’t be enough.  We couldn’t even add a layer of shingles over the whole roof. Because of the age, as well as condition of the roof, there was no option, but to do a total tear off as well as new roof. The project was completed in the middle of July. The outside temperature was consistently in the upper eighties with horrendous humidity. However, we were unable to run our air conditioner for the entire time. Our house became terribly hot and sticky, as well as dirty. There was a steady flow of dust, bugs, pollen, fumes and construction debris, however all of us were undoubtedly eager for the roofers to finish, pack up and leave; I assumed that the air conditioner would be struggling for hours to bring down the indoor temperature and expected a undoubtedly high electric bill. Instead, the home was at a comfortable level within an hour. The improvement in the energy efficiency, comfort, and cleanliness of my home is absolutely amazing. The new roof has significantly reduced stress on the air conditioner and lowered my daily expenses; When the chilly Winter weather arrived, I was distraught to start up the furnace and experience the difference. The furnace no longer needs to run as long or work as much to maintain a perfectly stable home. There’s less temperature stratification, drafts, and chilly spots. While the new roof was a real fancy home improvement project, it’s absolutely going to spend money for itself.

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