Writing About Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

I’ve taken a leave of absence from writing comedy, which I once loved, and am now in a transitional period of studying old tunes and doing job in the Heating and Air Conditioning field.

I am going to focus more on learning to sing now with some singing lessons next week. This local supplier offers a good deal on music lessons so I am going to book them and focus less on playing the drums and more on singing as that is where our heart feels the most joy. I do like writing about Heating and Air Conditioning systems and heaters but truly would appreciate a career in tunes a single day, if I live long enough to get the task finished. You see, I am 55 years old now and don’t suppose that I have very long left in this life, although I need to lean towards our dreams regardless of how old I am. My Heating and Air Conditioning tech neighbor Bob didn’t get into the heating and cooling biz till he was 63 years old and he is still truly working in it now some 25 years later. Yes, Bob is now 88 years old and has the mind of a 30 year old. Bob body is in good shape too as he trains each week with the heating rep on the beach. I could see Bob truly working at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier till he is 100 or more. I could have only a couple more weeks left of life or I could live another 50 years, this is part of the mystery of life as Bob and I don’t suppose when we’ll exit the stage. I wish you advantage and longevity.

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A Bunch of Goth Zombies here for the film fest

The town has a lot of film buffs now here for the horror festival that takes place over the following week or so half.

It will be busier than normal with the people dressed in black roaming the streets waiting for their horror films to start.

They always sell a lot of items for the festival and the local dealers get a lot more shoppers while the horror fest is here. I have a single 1 of the people who works at the cinemas staying in my place with me for the festival and he said he can supply me tickets to any of the films I like. The Heating and Air Conditioning system in the cinema keeps it very frigid so people stay alert and I may go just to savor some free A/C for a bit. Some people will watch horror films all day long as they start at 8am and run until 5am the next morning. I suppose the air conditioning will probably turn off at night in the cinemas because it gets pretty frigid at night now with Summer months being in the rearview mirror. I have to disinfect our oil furnace filter this week and get the Heating and Air Conditioning system ready for Winter time as it is going to get quite frigid out in about 3 weeks or so. I may not use our oil furnace though till December as I like to keep it cool in the flat, which is good because it will save me a lot of money in power bills for a couple of months. I just need the heat when it gets down to the freezing level, which usually doesn’t happen till near the end of December.

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Wintertime is Coming

All of us have about two or 3 more weeks till the weather ratchets down a notch into colder temperatures.

  • This is great news as our power bills will also start dipping down.

I just got hit with substantial power costs and I need to split back on our A/C usage, which should be a little easier now that the high heat has dissipated more or less. I still have to run it some at night so I can sleep although I turned up the smart control device to 71 degrees when I was keeping it at 74 degrees so that should help a lot. I was also running the central A/C device most of the day throughout the summer, which is what contributed to the sky high power bill that just came in. I’m just going to have an acquaintance transfer in with me next month to help split our living costs in half. Max can also watch our little cats when I am gone in the states. Max works at a local supplier in the neighborhood so I am sure he will be here for the month of December. I’m going to buy some melatonin to help me sleep because since I’m not keeping the temp as low at night with the Heating and Air Conditioning system I’m having a lot more trouble falling asleep. I should sleep good tonight though as the temps are going to drop due to a frigid front moving in this week. I guess Max and I are going to get some rain and then the temps will drop much cooler by tomorrow. Then I can supply our Heating and Air Conditioning device with a little break.


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The Horror Festival Starts This Morning

My acquaintance Ed is staying with me for a week or so to partake in the horror film festival that came to the neighborhood this week.

Ed is going to watch a marathon of horror films, up to 12 or more minutes a day in the theater watching the guts and gore.

This is a whole new level of film dedication compared to what I am used to. I can see watching an minute or 2 a day but these horror guys are off the chain hahaha!. I’ll be truly working all day at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier while Ed is watching people running around with buzzing chainsaws and captives trapped in dark dungeons. I’m going to watch a few flicks while he is here and maybe bring an acquaintance along to join me. I have a lot of Heating and Air Conditioning system repairs to handle this week though so I may wait till next week to check out the films. I am especially interested to see the zombie marathon day next weekend as I truly like zombie films. Ed is so gleeful to be here for the festival. Maybe after finishing our heating and cooling system job this week I can stop by to check out the action near the theaters. It should be a fun time with a lot of people dressing up as zombies and vampires. I like when the local dealers get more shoppers because this neighborhood is barely self supportive during the non Summer seasons. The horror festival wraps up next weekend with a marathon of zombie films which I will surely be at. Time to go and disinfect our HEPA filter and ride our bike.

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My Air Conditioning System will need a Six Month Nap

Does that sound correct to you? You must suppose more than I do

All of us finally made it through the long hot Summer and I can turn off our A/C device till next Spring. I may even make it through until the next Summer before needing air con because it doesn’t truly get hot here until the back half of August. I am feeling a bit sad about the heating for this Winter time though as they say that heating uses about 2 to 3 times the energy that cooling uses. I have to check and make sure this is regular though because if it ends up being the truth after that I can’t afford heating this winter. My last cooling bill was over $600 for 2 months for our tiny little 1-bedroom flat that I live in alone. I can’t imagine if I ran the heat and our bill was $1730 for 2 months. I should get a roommate soon to help with the higher rates for power but if the heating ends up being so extravagant after that I would entirely need a third roommate. Either that or I have to find a good source of income to help offset the cost of this deranged power rate increase. I’m not sure if that is standard though about heating being that much more than cooling for a home. Does that sound correct to you? You must suppose more than I do. I suppose I could invest in an ultra-efficient part oil furnace and tote it around the flat to the unusual rooms I am using like I used to do in our last flat long ago. I will find a solution.


My Air Conditioning System will need a Six Month Nap

Ginger Just Meowed her Lonely Meow and it Was So Cute

My pet Ginger is about six months old now and is usually very independent.

But sometimes, like just now, I hear Ginger meowing a sad and lonely meow before he comes looking for me to hang out.

Ginger gets very lonely when he is alone for a long time and then breaks down and comes looking for me while meowing his little meow. Ginger usually never makes a sound at all. I normally find Ginger sleeping behind the oil furnace in the closet where it is sizzling and dark. Ginger mainly just comes out to eat or use the litter box, but occasionally he gets lonely and comes looking for my chest to plop on top of. Ginger is sleeping on our bed right now waiting for me to come in for our daily nap. I have another 10 or 15 minutes or so and after that I am going to take his up on that offer and go to our air conditioned room for a minute or maybe even 2 to rest and read. I haven’t been sleeping too well at night so I am sleeping some in the day too to make up for it. I’ve been keeping our A/C devices off at night and I suppose I don’t sleep as well because of it. I guess maybe tonight I will turn them on so I can get a good night of sleep and be awake and alert tomorrow for our big day of job at the heating and cooling store. I also need to disinfect our HEPA air filter this week after that nice nap.

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My Central Heater is pretty great

I don’t like to brag although I have an amazing oil furnace that warms up our flat in a matter of minutes.

  • When I woke up the other morning, it was 58F in our flat as I forgot to turn on the heating the night previous.

Well, when I turned on the central furnace the flat was a toasty 72F within about an hour. I felt so warm and comfy after that and truly loved having heat in our flat. I see some people outside on the street sleeping on benches in the frigid and it makes me sad and appreciative at the same time, however my pets are all cozy in the flat and usually sleep on the whole-condo air purifier system by the front window. They have such a good life and don’t worry about a thing, not even dying, because they are just in the moment living life. That is how I want to be too. I have a brick fireplace that I may disinfect out next week so that I can use it for the wintertime. The brick fireplace is nice but it is more for ambiance because it doesn’t truly heat up the condo too well. I need to locate a wood source though because every one of us don’t have any big trees in our neighborhood that can be used for burning. I guess the nearest place to buy is from the local supplier on the other side of our town. I bet the wood there is not going to be very cheap though and maybe I’ll end up not using the fireplace in the end. I need to call them soon.

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My Little desk Fan is Great

I’m chugging along with our day job however I am feeling exhausted and just want to take a nap.

  • I told myself that I would job until 3 or so and see how much I can get done before I am allowed to take that nap.

I want to rest next to our pet cat and listen to it purr as it helps put me to sleep. I’ll take a 30 minute nap and then hit the job again and get it done. I want to go to this local supplier later and get some tickets for the horror films in the cinema. The heating supplier acquaintance of mine named Jay is going to see some of the films and wants me to go with him. I met Jay when every one of us were both truly working on the same task and every one of us have been good friends ever since finding out every one of us both appreciate horror films. I am going to help Jay next week with a boiler maintenance task and after that I are going to do a film marathon the following day with a bunch of people from the heating dealership. It should be a fun time and I guess Jay and I are going to watch a bunch of short films which are like 12 minutes each. They have this horror festival each year and the local dealers do good from all of the people that flood the neighborhood to watch the films. The air conditioning maintenance company where I work is shutting down for a few days while the film festival is going on so that Jay and I can watch the films during the day.


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A/C on a Warm Fall Day

The weather of Fall reminds me of our mom as she is up north now visiting our old hometown where every one of us grew up.

I miss Mom so much but I’ll be seeing her in just over 2 months when I go back to the states for a visit.

I moved overseas about four years ago, to apply for a job at this heating supplier, and not seeing mom much is the a single thing that hurts about living over here. I am supposed to be here, although I don’t like the fact that mom is so far away from me. I moved here to take this job at an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier but have since left the company and it has me wondering if I should still be living over here anymore. Mom is over seventy years old and won’t be around forever so I would like to be seeing his more than I have been the past four years. Maybe I could get a task back at my lakeside house working for the local supplier I used to job for, but it costs so much money to live there now that I would need to be working all the time to keep our head above water. I suppose it all works out somehow although I just miss our mom so much, and those beach walks every one of us used to take each week. I was a current supplier at the painting supplier back when I lived in the states but left the racket to pursue stand-up comedy, and also to start truly working in the Heating and Air Conditioning field. I’ll figure out a new system but for now I have to be right where I am at.
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Getting our HVAC Work finished

My little pet Rex is in our bed sleeping right now and he is making me a bit jealous.

  • I didn’t sleep enough last night so taking a nice long nap is a priority but not until I get our job done, or at least most of it done.

I’ll do another hour of pounding out jobs and then go take a much needed nap for a few minutes before finishing up our other Heating and Air Conditioning work. Then I will head down to get a workout before heading back to the lakeside house after sunset to meet our guest who will be staying with me for the film festival. He is also in the air conditioning supplier and that is how every one of us first met, but he has since left the Heating and Air Conditioning field to focus on a career in the film and TV industry. I’m doing more stuff in the tunes field myself as I play drums with a band each week. I was selling smart climate control units at the local supplier but numerous people had heard me singing and told me I should be a singer that I took them up on it and got some voice lessons. I then started singing and playing drums with a band and we’ve been doing it ever since then. I still like truly working in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry but would like to do more with the pursuit of a musical career if it pans out. I guess our cooling tech will also join us as he is a truly good guitar player and is good at singing backup vocals. This is a current horizon and every one of us are all gleeful about it.

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