Quality over quantity

People always say that quality over quantity is most important.

Well, I can certainly say this is for sure a true statement.

I had went to this very small mom and pop store that deals in heat and a/c products. This heat and a/c product store is very very small. It’s actually so small that you almost feel crammed in there! But let me tell you this. They sell the most top quality heating and air conditioning products around! The portable air conditioning systems that they have in this place are so strong they will never break down on you. I had bought a portable air conditioning system and a portable space heater from this small mom and pop store. This was about 6 years ago. My portable air conditioning system is still working today as if I just bought it yesterday! I was so shocked when I figured this out the other day. The portable air conditioning system I had before this one I had for about 2 years and then it broke on me. This one that I bought from the mom and pop heat and a/c product small store is still actually working! I have never in my life seen a portable air conditioning system last this long! The space heater is still working perfectly well too as if it was bought just yesterday. I have told everyone I know about this local mom and pop heat and a/c product store in the area. I hope it will bring them more business. Because with this kind of quality HVAC products they deserve all the business they can get!

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