The stolen credit card

My credit card was stolen by some hoodlum in the city when I was getting groceries.

I was in the check out line in the store and placed my credit card down for a minute.

This kid went and grabbed it then ran off into the parking lot and got into a car. The car was waiting for him and took off as if they just robbed a bank! I couldn’t believe what just had happened! This neighborhood is getting worse and worse lemme tell you. Anyway I called my bank to put a stop on the credit card. And the bank said that I may see some illegal use and charges on it before they completely stop it. I ended up seeing a whole ton of charges to some heating and air conditioning dealership. The heating and air conditioning dealership that was charging my card was some odd heating and air conditioning dealership in another state! I looked them up online. It seemed their website said that they sold all kinds of portable heat and a/c products. I couldn’t imagine why some kid would want to buy a bunch of heating and air conditioning equipment with a stolen credit card! It made no sense to me. Unless the little hoods went and sold the credit card to some black market scam or something like that. Who knows! But the heating and air conditioning equipment charges just kept coming for several days. Finally, the bank was able to put a hold on the card and wipe all of those heating and air conditioning equipment charges.


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