I hate the smell of propane

One reason I am not a fan of any kind of heating products that use propane is because of the smell of the propane itself! Just having any propane around me turns my stomach! I seriously will never use a propane heater, a propane furnace or even a propane based boiler system.

I will only use central heating and air conditioning as well as portable heating and a/c products! We once had a propane heater to heat our home.

And let me tell you I used to feel sick to my stomach all of the time when I had to actually go near the heater for any specific reason. Propane and me just do not go together very well. Period! My family thinks I am crazy because of this. My own kids actually make fun of me and make jokes about it. It is just that propane and the smell of it has made me sick since i was a kid. I remember going to gas stations where they had those large propane trucks pulling in and unloading all the time. And I always had to get out of there pretty fast. I spend more money on heating in the Winter time just avoid propane these days. I have to say though that my central heating and air conditioning system is one of the best on the current market! No one has any complaints there in my family. It should be. Because I spent a half of a fortune to get the thing installed properly into my house. And it also has a whole home air purification system in it.

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