The heater is in the house

I know it sounds silly when someone makes dum statements like ‘the heater is in the house’.

A couple of weeks ago, that was exactly what we were saying.

We knew we were going to need to get a new furnace before winter arrived. We just weren’t prepared to have winter arrive so early. It wasn’t even October yet and we just had over a foot of snow fall on top of us. It was one of the earliest snowstorms our area had ever experienced and we had seventeen inches of snow onto our town. We tried our best to find a way to keep warm during those first couple of days. I had to go to town and purchase a couple of space heaters to keep enough heat in the house to keep us from freezing. It was forty degrees outside and that meant that the snow slowly melting, but at forty and with all of that humidity, it was cold and miserable inside the house. The space heaters did a great job where they were, but we couldn’t afford to buy enough space heaters for every room of the house. A week later, the snow was nearly melted and it was beginning to heat up the house a little more. They called for more snow for the weekend and the new furnace arrived on Thursday. We yelled to each other that ‘the heater is in the house’. By the time they got the furnace installed and hooked up, we knew we were prepared for the next snowstorm without having to take turns with the space heaters.


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