I Need A Personal Trainer

Every year, my husband and I take a little getaway for one week.

  • Typically, we like to go somewhere that offers culture, new sights and new food.

This year, my husband booked us for a tropical place, which basically means we’ll be sitting by the ocean, drinking booze and maybe ziplining one day. It’s going to be fun. The issue that we two are having, is the fact that we’ll have to wear swimsuits the whole week and we’re not beach ready. My husband and I have let ourselves go quite a bit this past winter. We’re both soft in the belly, have jiggly legs along with no muscle definition. Our goal is to get in shape before we leave on the trip. The problem is that our local gyms don’t hold our attention. There is no motivation to work out. Once we’re at the gym, we simply don’t know how to exercise our bodies. My husband suggested a personal trainer. I’d like to do a group fitness class with a certified fitness expert, because ideally, the personal trainer would teach us how to exercise. He would provide us with various exercises to target the troubles we have with our bodies. I want to tone up the arms, build abs and lose some leg fat. I’m down with doing heavy cardio, balance training, and weight training. The issue with this method is that there’s no personal training available in this area. The closest gym that offers training, is over an hour away, so we’re sort of stuck with visiting the local gym.