A beach home art collection fit for a king

The two of us started collecting Art back in the early 1990’s.

The two of us were away on a vacation and saw a piece that we simply could not live without.

Though it was a ton of money, the two of us saw it as a chance to invest money and something other than a 402k. The two of us have never been fond of putting our money into those programs, because it’s nearly impossible to get your money back unless you’re of age. In the event of a real emergency. The two of us want to be able to get our money back in a hurry. Selling artwork and keeping paintings on hand, the two of us can absolutely sell something in an emergency. Our entire collection is probably worth 15 or $20,000 right now, and the two of us have to work very hard to maintain the proper levels to keep our art from ruining. One big problem in this area is humidity. There’s a lot of salt in the air as well which can really destroy the paint and ruin some of this Priceless work. The two of us learned that a dehumidifier was very helpful with the problem. The two of us started using a dehumidifier a few years ago, and our artwork is really doing well. The dehumidifier takes all of the excess air out of the moisture. It’s unquestionably fantastic to care for artwork in this way, and the two of us can set the relative humidity so that there is no fluctuation. The two of us also have a monitoring system that tells us if the temperatures fluctuate at all.


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