The arguments of getting a heat pump

To put it plain and simple…my wife is dying to get a heat pump in our home, and I for sure am not. We have been having several arguments lately over weather or not we should get a heat pump to take care of all our heating needs in the winter time months. My argument, is that it will cost way too much money to have the heat pump installed, looked after and also, paying for the heat pump itself. Also, I really don’t want a mini tower blasting out of the ground in our backyard. My wife’s argument is that the heat pump will save us tons of money on our monthly energy bills, and that within a year, the heat pump will pay for itself. I see her point, but with the ongoing care that’s needed for the heat pump, I don’t see how that savings will ever pay off or happen. If we were to just stick with our central heating and air conditioning system, we don’t have to have any kind of heating or air conditioning service done more than once a year. With a heat pump, you are looking at having at least 3 tune ups or inspections each year. Most local heating and air conditioning companies in our area charge a lot more for heat pump service. And even with an HVAC service plan, none of them cover heat pumps! I hope my wife will see reason eventually, because I refuse to spend all that money for an over expensive heat pump and it’s services that would be needed later!