Pollen counts this year are worse than they have been in years

The last thing that he said might help us was also the most expensive option.

My kids have terrible seasonal allergies. Every year during the spring and the fall, they get itchy, watery eyes, coughs, and stuffy noses. I hate seeing them so miserable, and of course, half the time one of them ends up with a sinus infection! It’s the worst. I just hate having to watch them suffering because of allergies. So this year, I decided to call our local heating and cooling company to see if there was anything that I could do to help with the dust, dirt, and pollen that somehow gets into our house. I know that having cleaner air in the house and in our ventilation ducts would probably help the kids with their allergy issues. Sure enough, the HVAC technician that I spoke with suggested that we have all of the air vents and ventilation ducts in the house cleaned out. He said that it would help rid the air of any impurities. He also suggested that we change out our current A/C filters and furnace filters with new, anti-allergen air filters. The last thing that he said might help us was also the most expensive option. He said that a lot of people like to add whole home air purification systems to run at the same time as their heating and cooling system. A whole home air purification system would actually clean the air of dirt, dust, pollen, and impurities, so it sounded exactly like what we needed to help with the allergy problems. I made an appointment with the HVAC technician to come out to the house and give us an estimate to have one installed.