Dorm rooms are no good

It always leaves myself and others puzzled when I am scrolling on social media and see young teenagers in school that are constantly taking flights travelling the world, buying extravagant clothes, and living in expensive apartments! Back when I was in school a long time ago, wasn’t even able to afford anything other than buying ramen noodle and paying rent.

Things got so bad at 1 point in school that when our roommate and I’s rusty seasoned a/c unit broke down while the two of us were in summer, the two of us decided to go on a hunt around the city for disposed and thrown out air conditioner units in the street; Both of us also did some searching on the free part on craigslist for a new a/c unit to update our broken down 1, after two mornings of searching, the two of us found 1 kneeling on the side of the street not too far from our house.

At the time it seemed to be decent, other than the big dents and different smell coming from the unit, and when the two of us later got lake house and installed the “new” a/c method but, something out of our nightmares occur. Apparently while out on the street, a family of mice and other insects had burrowed down into the air ducts in the unit, and when the two of us switched on the unit the family of mice jumped out and began scrambling all over our dining room! Unlike all of the spoiled teenagers at school that I see these mornings, those were the memories that I tell at parties! It might not be as extravagant as teenagers these mornings, but that just how it was back in the 90’s for broke school teenagers appreciate me.