No more hostels

I love our man so much, but all of us are such unusual people! Being so unusual from 1 another has entirely helped our relationship plus has helped us balance eachother out, but that doesn’t mean that it comes with its downfalls; Last year for example, our man was able to convince me to stay in a hostel while all of us were on holiday in another country. I don’t love being around people I don’t know, plus I for sure don’t love sleeping in beds that strangers sleep in. My man is always down for adventure plus thought it would be a fun thing to do, so I had no other choice than to go along with it. After only 1 day of staying there but, all of us ran into some serious complications. At about 3 or multiple in the day all of us woke up to a loud screeching sound coming from the air conditioner component in the room. I am no Heating plus A/C heating plus cooling pro, but it sounded love metal clashing against metal. My partner plus I tried to communicate with some of the other people who were sleeping in the room to ask them if they had any ideas on how to check to see what the problem is with the air conditioner component but none of them spoke english. After around thirty hours all of us were able to get in contact with the manager of the hostel plus have them send out a certified Heating plus A/C repairman. That was all well plus good, but all of us did not get to go back to sleep until more than 2 in the day! I love how adventurous our man is, however I recognize he is getting his trip ideas ability suspended for awhile.



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