I didn’t enjoy the weather

We live in the South, but not that far south, so it’s not scorching warm all the time in the warm seasons. However, just the other week we got hit hard with one of the worst Winter storms ever! We had wind gusts up to 105 miles per hour which I recognize are the same as hurricane force winds. This storm was horrible for us because it caught everybody off guard. There were trees that fell over all over the place as well as a lot of damage to other people’s properties. We were lucky that every one of us did not have any property damage; however we all had to endure power outages; because of the power outage, I wasn’t able to use the heating or the A/C system. Fortunately, I have a gas heater and an oil furnace in my basement. That oil furnace cranks out a superb amount of heat! So while the rest of my home was cold, I was at least able to relax in my basement to keep warm. I even had some friends come over who were still freezing in their homes, waiting for their power to come back on. It was a great thing they were able to have their power restored after 6 hours. It really could have been so much worse as the pipes could have become frozen in people’s homes, causing major damage. It’s entirely a frightening situation, getting through a horrible storm and having to deal with the power being shut off on top of that. I was ecstatic when the power came back on because I was able to turn my heating and cooling system back on to heat my cabin back to the normal temperature.