My buddy is a good guy

When my girlfriend and I first started living together, I thought it was going to be like heaven! We always talked about moving in together, but now we were able to make it a reality. Well, it didn’t take her long to start saying we needed to change some things around. One thing she wanted to do was replace our old thermostat to a smart thermostat, but I didn’t want to waste money on a new thermostat when I had a thermostat that worked just fine! Although it wasn’t a fancy smart thermostat it was a programmable thermostat that already had our preferred settings programmed; however, she didn’t really care about the settings that I had, though, and she pointed out to me that a smart thermostat would learn our preferred settings by itself, without having to program the unit. I do have to admit, that sounded great, but I still felt it would be a waste of cash. We ended up having a big argument about this, and she picked up our baseball bat and smashed our programmable thermostat to pieces. I was astounded at her behavior and told her that was completely inappropriate. She said now we could get a smart thermostat.  I then realized I did not truly know who this woman was and I broke up with her and told her to leave. I think that anybody that handles things like that, is not entirely a good fit for me. I truly loved that thermostat. I guess it’s a good thing I was able to see how she was before we got married.