Prayer Brings me a New HVAC Unit

When people say they doubt there is a higher power, I know that they are actually missing out; When you spend time denying that there is something out there watching your back, you will have a harder existence.

I suppose that this sounds extremely idealistic plus plenty of folks will not agree with me, however in my experience there has been undoubtable evidence of a higher being! If you have faith, you will see it; this was demonstrated to me plus 1 of the most ordinary and lackluster ways possible…

through my heating, cooling, plus ventilation system. I don’t have much money plus I’ve been downsidely impacted by some of the recent global swings… Shortly before this lockdown thing began, my central heating plus cooling system was already having a hard time keeping up with demand! For about 2 years I had experienced radical, unreliable indoor air temperatures, including fluctuating boiling plus problems resulting in not so good indoor air quality! My energy bills were often climbing through the roof when I was using my air conditioning component on a respected basis. I was aware that my heating plus cooling system was going to need professional HVAC help, but I wasn’t thrilled about the added expense of professional maintenance services plus installation fees… As the A/C component got more and more ill, I started praying that a brand new cooling system would somehow become mine. I talked to God every evening about my need for a central air conditioning component for the health and comfort of my loved ones. For weeks, the A/C component barely held on but I never ever thought that a new cooling system would not arrive somehow for me and my family. Then, just days ago, I was driving down the road when I saw what looked to be a giant crate in the ditch. I pulled over plus worked on the dirty package… Can you even imagine it? It was a brand new residential HVAC unit!

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