Fear of Outdoor Air Seems Reasonable

About a week ago people around my town started emerging outside.

After weeks of being inside in social isolation plus quarantine, people were given the yellow light to leave their houses, apartments, and townhouses for the first time since May.

It was a harsh change for everybody, and let me tell you it was obvious people could not wait to get back into a public social setting. All of a sudden, the deserted city streets were flooded with human beings again. Personally, I wasn’t 1 of those persons who was ready to risk my respiratory health plus life to go down a pint of ale at the pub. I wanted to stay inside in the comfort plus safety of my central heating plus cooling system. I really didn’t believe that the COVID-19 pandemic had actually been solved. Thank God I had that disbelief because it turns out that viral cases are increasing all over the place about now. While other folks were out drinking together, I’ve Spent my time making improvements to my central heating plus cooling system to make my indoor air quality even better for me. I had a brand new whole-home air purifier installed that works in tandem with my normal central HVAC system. It certainly takes away over 99% of airborne contaminants before they get the chance to get into my lungs. Since I have not exposed my family to any potentially contaminated outdoor air, I imagine my indoor air has to be ultra-pure compared to anyone else’s, especially. I’ve been circulating the same high-quality indoor air for quite a while at this point, with HEPA filters plus UV light disinfection repeatedly distilling my breathing air for the utmost purity. Now that I am learning that COVID-19 cases are on the rise plus quarantining might come back, I am relieved. I actually did not want to leave the amazing high quality air that I’ve crafted at my house.

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