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In this modern day and age, I assume it is such a shame that women find themselves in such extreme situations that there is a need for women’s shelters, but alas, it is true, but I currently live in a fairly small city, as well as even here, the two of us have two unusual women’s shelters! The locations are kept a secret from the general public, so when they need to do fundraising, it can be difficult, and people who generally want to be able to see the fantastic their dollars are doing, but in this instance, they can’t, and recently, someone contacted our church seeking funds for a new Heating and Air Conditioning plan at the women’s shelter; Most of the people in our little church are surprisingly generous, and most people I knew was perfectly willing to donate for a new heating and cooling system! However, it suddenly became unnecessary because the owner of a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning company happens to be a parishioner at my particular church.

He said he was unaware that they were in need of new Heating and Air Conditioning. That is likely due to the fact that they called his competing heating and cooling company for what they needed, then even still, our fellow church member volunteered to donate the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan to the women’s shelter at no cost to them whatsoever, then from HVAC duct to compressors, as well as even the Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair companies would be provided entirely free. I understand they are installing the complete Heating and Air Conditioning plan tomorrow. I asked the Heating as well as Air Conditioning shop owner if I could help in any way with this project, but he turned down my offer of money. He is more than happy to pay his Heating as well as Air Conditioning installers to install the a/c, as well as he is providing top of the line Heating as well as Air Conditioning with zone control for zero cost. I am never not humbled by the generosity of others.


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