A/C Was the Best Way to Cool Off After Playing Outside All Day

I can recall the hot summer time afternoons every one of us had! These afternoons were filled with simple but exciting games, swimming, and outdoor cookouts… Every one of us would often care about time gossiping with our neighbors as they often joined us for dinner in our cool, air conditioned home.

Breezy evenings around the campfire are memories I will never forget; But one of the most wonderful memories I have from my childhood has to do with our Heating and Air Conditioning system! I vividly recall the comforting warmth our furnace would bring and the relieving cooling air our a/c component would give to us.

One blazing hot day I was sweaty from running around in the backyard and I felt care about I might have a heat stroke. I sat in the lawn, grabbed my water bottle, and started to pour some of it on my head trying to cool off however it wasn’t doing the trick. Then a beautiful thought struck my mind. I recalled that my apartment had an air conditioner installed in my mom’s bedroom so I headed house to care about the cooling air. But when I made my way into the house, there was no cool air to comfort me. I ran to my mom’s bedroom wondering what had happened to the air conditioner, then when I entered the study room my Dad was talking to the Heating and Air Conditioning guy. I soon found out that there was no coolness because our air conditioner was broken, then luckily the Heating and Air Conditioning professional was able to fix the air conditioner and once again I felt the cool air; Heating and Air Conditioning has always been a superb blessing in my life and I was blissful that after playing outside I could count on walking into a cool, air conditioned house.

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