New car, broken thermostat

In my life I’ve never really had nice thing this.

Growing up, things were pretty rough and we were below the poverty level.

From then on, I worked my butt off to barely scrape by every month as an adult. It’s been a struggle from day one as far as finances in my life. As such, I definitely don’t treat myself to a nice things. I generally buy the cheapest option possible, and hope that I can get through another year or two before having to reinvest. That is definitely been my strategy when it comes to car purchasing. I’ve always bought from private sellers in cash. That means I’ve always gotten some pretty bad cars, that left a lot to worry about. Recently, I decided I was going to do the adult thing and buy a newish car for the first time. Of course, it couldn’t go smoothly. I drove the car off the lot and everything seemed fine until it started getting hotter and hotter inside. I was driving down the highway, first calmly and then frantically, messing with the thermostat and air flow controls as I started sweating. I could feel the air getting hotter and thicker inside the car with every passing second as the sun pounded down. I couldn’t feel even a wisp of cool refreshing air conditioning from the car’s air vents. After 10 minutes of this, I pulled a you turn on the highway and went right back the other direction. I dropped the car back off at the dealership and told them this was a lemon. If they couldn’t fix the AC, they better fix my bank account.

Air conditioning maintenance