Advertising For My Country

I was recently commissioned to design the graphics and slogans for my local military. Basically, the government and military was trying to recruit more people in my local area. So it was my job to design signs and posters that would actually make people interested that had that desire to be part of the government and military. After I designed all these signs and posters on my computer using my graphics program, it was time to bring them to life. In order to do this, I had to go and find a decently priced printing service to handle the creation of the signs and posters that I had made. Signs and posters is something I do for a living. But this was the first time I actually had to be taking care of the printing of those signs and posters. Our government and military did not have that ability for some reason, or, they just did not want to deal with it. I guess that’s why they were paying me a little extra than the average gig I usually get making signs and posters for people and businesses as well as other companies. The government and military are much more serious and different you can say. After all, this is advertising for my own very patriotic country! And believe me, I am a person who wants nothing more than to support my country and anything to do with it. I am a proud american, and if making signs and posters will help my country, please hire me to do it and I will find the printing service to create them!