My parents always sad about the Heating and Air Conditioning in our house

When I was younger our parents were always so sad about the energy costs, and I certainly didn’t understand it until I got a little older.

I moved into our own house last year, and instantaneously forgot our parents age outdated rules.

I left all of the lights on, took long showers and left the temperature control running all afternoon everyday. I got our first energy bill and I was horrified! The bill was way more overpriced than our rent, and I had no system how to pay for it. I got a third task and worked as hard as I could. I asked all of our friends for energy saving tips, and most often heard that I needed to invest in a current heating and cooling system. I said I didn’t have the currency for that, and everybody told myself and others to at least get a smart temperature control, and they explained that with a smart temperature control I could turn off the heating or cooling if I forgot while I was out. I could also set it for the times I was going to be home and wanted cooling system. A friend of mine also works in Heating and Air Conditioning and said she would come change our air filters and see if she needed to do and A/C repairs. I was so thankful for all of our friends, and seriously hope that our next heating and cooling bill isn’t so high! I have been turning the temperature control off whenever I guess about it, I certainly should listen to our parents advice.


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