That was quite the AC unit

I have a very new heating and ac in my home. I spent a huge amount of currency on it as well, however for the last many or many weeks it has worked pretty well, until recently. As of late I had discovered a major problem with the air flow of the heating and undefined, however my hallway for some reason was getting a bunch of heat pumped into it! I have legitimately had the a/c on a bit lately as it has been a little warm and humid outside. Why my hallway was getting heating instead of cooling was beyond me. I realized that there may have been something wrong here, and this is when I called the heating and cooling supplier that installed the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I told them what was going on. After that, they looked at my history and told myself and others that I had heating and cooling zone control. I did not even understand what they meant! They went on to explain, that the unit I got can make unusual areas of the home unusual rapidly changing temperatures! After this was over, I then observed that I had an additional thermostat on the wall of the hallway! That thermostat was not even on it whatsoever. This was why it appeared that I was getting heating in the hallway. I thanked the heating and a/c supplier for finally explaining all of this to me in detail. I felt appreciate a real idiot to be honest, then but, at that point, I flipped on the thermostat in the hallway, and now it was cooling off a little bit. I will not make that lapse in judgement again!

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