I really had to stay honest

My wife and I recently moved back home, and the transfer has not been perfect. We bought an old house with 10 acres of land. The house is in decent shape, but it needs a lot of work. The bones and structure are sound, but it needs a general facelift. The first thing we had to do was add a water purifier to the plumbing system. The well water was filled with sulfur, and it was causing a lot of problems in the house. The old plumbing fixtures like the toilet, sink, and shower, were filled with hard water rings and stains. The water purifier included a water softener to help us with the hard water problems. The water purifier helps to eliminate all of the harmful chemicals and pollutants from our water supply. It works great, now that the water purifier is working properly. When my wife and I paid the plumbing company to make the installation, they botched the job multiple times. The first time they came to install the water purifier, the plumbing company brought the wrong equipment. The second time the plumbing company came to complete the water purifier installation, they broke one of the main parts. On the third water purifier installation attempt, my wife and I received a $100 credit and a promise for no other problems. Luckily, the plumbing company was able to keep that promise. Now that we have the water purifier system working perfectly, my wife and I worry less about the harmful chemicals that could be lurking in our water supply.

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