How impressive

I prefer shopping online because things can be easily shipped plus ordered! It’s almost too easy to order online, but last week, I learned a lesson I’ll never be able to forget. I decided to buy a small air conditioner for the garage. My attic is uncomfortably warm, because there is no way to cool the air. I have been laboring on a project in the attic. I’m building a bookshelf from cedar. It’s my first DIY project.  It’s been undoubtedly hard working in the sweltering heat. That’s why I decided to buy a small AC unit to help create some much-needed cool air flow. I was looking online for quite a while, before I made my purchase, however, unfortunately, I did not realize I had more than one AC in my cart. I clicked the single button ordering system. It directly bills the credit card on file plus uses my saved information. It actually takes a single click to complete my order. The two AC’s were charged to my credit card. I did not realize I ordered more than one AC, until they both arrived at my door. I called up the supplier to explain the mix-up. Since I bought the ACs on sale, they did not want to give me a refund. I tried to tell them it was an oversight, however, they refused to refund me. I had to speak with a senior supervisor, before I found someone to listen to my plea. Luckily, the supervisor agreed to refund the purchase price of the AC on condition that I mailed it back the same afternoon. When everything is said and done, my new AC works great.

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