HVAC technology of the future

Technological advances are happening everyday and no industry is changing faster than the HVAC industry

I have always heard about trade shows and all of the information that you can gather while you are there. Until now I haven’t had the opportunity to go to one but when I was sent to and electronics show I was surprised to see what innovations were actually on the market. One area where I spent a lot of my time had to do with the heating and cooling industry. My house is older and I simply have a furnace and a couple of window mounted air conditioners so I had no idea what was available to the consumer. A lot of the units that are on the market today are much smaller and way more efficient than the one I have. This got me thinking that I should really look into a newer system that would save me money on my utility cost but then I decided I should wait to see what was coming up next. Even though these modern units were amazing I can only imagine what will be developed within the next few years. Engineers and designers are working constantly trying to come up with more convenient and efficient ways to keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are also many advances in personal climate control. I can almost imagine each person one day carrying their own climate control device with them all the time so that they are at an optimum temperature. Technological advances are happening everyday and no industry is changing faster than the HVAC industry. With greater focus on environmental concerns and energy conservation there is no telling where that industry will go in the future.

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Where can I find a good but cheap air conditioning unit?

It seems that one of the most common questions I get from my clients is about where they can get a good but cheap AC unit.

They can’t believe that good and cheap are not synonymous.

There are some good air conditioning units that won’t cost an arm and a leg. There are very few cheap air conditioning units that are good. I have steered some of my clients into purchasing a refurbished air conditioning unit. You can often pick up a high quality AC unit for the cost of an average air conditioning unit. The AC unit will have been refurbished. This only means that it may have been recalled and repaired properly but the owner opted to not keep it. There may have been a small glitch in the AC unit shortly after it being installed. Once again, the owner will have opted for a new AC unit, and this one would be fixed and sold as refurbished. We also get air conditioning units that are considered used. If it is brought to a home and the installation begins but then it is noted that it is not the AC unit that was ordered, it is considered used. Just the fact that the installation had begun, means that it is no longer brand new. It could be that the AC unit hadn’t even been turned on. If you can’t afford a brand new air conditioning unit when yours breaks, don’t be afraid to inquire about used or refurbished AC units. There is no problem with wanting to see the worksheets that show the scope of work done on the AC unit, or why it was returned.

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What is wrong with my air quality?

I came into the house the other day and I knew that I had a problem, but I didn’t know what it was.

When I walked into the house, all I could smell was the leftovers from the night before.

I had my air conditioning system on all day long because I have windows on three sides of my apartment. During the summer, you can’t go without air conditioning. I had to put solar film up to the windows to keep my house cooler, even with the air conditioning. Since I knew my air conditioning could be the only answer, I had to call the HVAC company to see if they couldn’t help me out with our problem. When the HVAC technician arrived, he immediately covered his nose and told me he didn’t like salmon. I felt horrible, but he began to laugh and told me he was just kidding. He was lucky he was the same HVAC technician that has always come to my home. I was willing to let him get away with that little dig about the salmon. He checked out my air filters to make sure they were the right ones and that they weren’t clogged. He looked inside the air conditioning unit to check to see if there were any problems. He reminded me that last year we were going to have the air purification installed and he asked when I would be ready to have it installed. He told me that without the air purifier, whenever I had a problem, I would have to call him. I had the money, I had just been putting off the process, but to my surprise, it took very little time and no mess.

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My indoor air quality is a problem

My indoor air quality is seriously gross, and everything you can guess of is inside of my home, but first, I have really long hair plus I shed worse than a cat, but my long hair gets in the Heating & Air Conditioning system, then goes into the HVAC duct plus then spreads around the home, then i hate seeing my hair fly around plus I really despise picking it out of my air filter… Next, pollen is getting into my house.

I wonder if it is because I go in plus out of the home a lot, but perhaps I let the pollen indoors plus carry it on my clothes, however all my surfaces look dusty plus I am sneezing all the time. Finally, the outdoor air temperature is sizzling plus humid! Combine this now with my A/C plan plus moisture is everywhere. I have mold on a weekly basis. I clean the outside of the air vents at least once a week just due to mold. My poor cooling plan is coated in it, then there is mold in the cooling coil, around the condensate drain plus even mold around the outside of the system. I know my indoor air quality needs to be taken care of. In order to get rid of the mold I really should invest in a dehumidifier. This little IAQ unit would unfasten moisture plus keep myself and others mold free. In order to clean the air quality, I need an air cleaner, what is nice is that there are air purification plans sold that hook right into the Heating & Air Conditioning. As the heating plus air turns on, the whole-house air purifier would get to work.

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Working out 4 feet away from an a/c repair

My next door neighbor was getting an AC repair Last week, but we share a side yard that is about 3 feet wide, my carport is right by the outdoor AC component next door, and i work out in the space everyday.

So I laid down our folding mats as well as did our workout like usual, but the a/c repairman was so close to me toiling on the cooling device.

It was genuinely awkward. I could see everything he was doing, then he had what looked like a little propane tank as well as gauges hooked to the outdoor unit. What kind of test was he doing on the a/c equipment? He also was not absolutely professional looking. I assumed a HVAC worker would be in uniform as well as drive a truck with the logo on it. The guy had a white van, but the logo was faded as well as peeling off on the sides. His uniform was dirty jeans, work boots as well as an outdated ACDC t-shirt. He did not look like he was licensed, certified or using factory diagnosed tools. I think a/c repairs are not cheap. If you are willing to take a gamble on a local handyman, you could save some money… No way would I have let that guy touch our cooling device. I will supply him this, he did look like he was easily doing something. I can’t be too sure if he fixed the a/c since I tried not to stare at him our whole work out. I genuinely loved that he ignored me 3 feet away from him as well.

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Adding insulation will fix the AC issue

My girl then will have to take it apart, scrub it plus deduce if there is a repair.

My girl bought a rental property plus that is all she wants to talk about; Unfortunately her property is a total hunk of junk. She has to make a lot of high-priced repairs. In order to save money, she is doing it himself. The biggest issue is that the roof with the lake house has pitiful amounts of insulation, then apparently the air from outside can leak into the lake house easily. In the Winter time it is chilly frigid plus in the summer time it is sweltering. Since it is September, most people has been complaining to him about the a/c not working well. My girl thinks if she fixes the insulation, the AC will be fine, then right now all the air the cooling proposal produces is leaking outside. How can the a/c expect to achieve the temperature control setting? Right now the occupants are dealing with 78 degree indoor temperatures. It is easy to blame the AC for not working right. I am hoping that after the lake lake house becomes air tight the cooling proposal can achieve whole lake lake house temperature control. If not, the occupants are right plus the AC proposal is the problem. My girl then will have to take it apart, scrub it plus deduce if there is a repair. She might even need to call a professional cooling contractor to supply it some love. Who knows though, but perhaps the issue is more simple than I assume it is. Maybe the September weather is unusually tepid plus no cooling proposal can keep up with it. So adding new insulation plus cooling tune up is not necessary.


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Life is good, and now we have radiant heated floors

I really must say, life is good.

I have done well throughout my years and so has my wife.

We have the best kids all of time as well. I have always told them how important it is to go to college. Well, our eldest son decided to go to a trade school to get his HVAC certification. He worked hard and when he eventually did achieve that certification, we were so proud of him. He was quick to find work and landed a great job at a local HVAC company. He even worked on our HVAC system voluntarily which was nice. He was actually telling us that he could get us a real good deal on different HVAC system upgrades. He told us all about newer HVAC technology like geothermal HVAC systems, radiant heated floors, heat pumps, and a few other energy efficient HVAC systems. My wife and I have been interested in radiant heated floors, but we weren’t sure that we could afford it. He said that he would be able to get us 50% off the installation. So we decided if he could do that for us, we would be able to go for it. Just as our son promised, he was able to get us the 50% deal. When we had new radiant heated floors in our home, we were so happy. The radiant heated floors are more comfortable than any other heating system I have ever experienced. We also got a nice smart thermostat and that really makes things convenient for us. I never knew you could control your HVAC system remotely with such a nice smart thermostat.

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Thanks to support in the community, I was able to get my HVAC fixed and firewood for my fireplace before the winter months

I couldn’t be more thankful and I decided to bake everybody a bunch of treats for all their trouble

When I was laid off from my job, I was in a really bad situation. I was able to get unemployment money, but that wasn’t nearly as much money as I was making. I fell into desperate times and I wasn’t able to get another job. I told people about my situation and how I needed to have my HVAC system fixed before the winter months. If I wasn’t able to manage this, I was going to end up freezing in the winter season. I actually did have a fireplace but I didn’t know if I would be able to afford enough wood to get through the winter. When word spread around about the situation I was in, there were people who volunteered to help me out. A bunch of youth in the church even went out to split wood and brought me a good supply of wood for my fireplace. I was praying for a little while and this was a real answer to my prayers. I thanked each and everyone of the youth for doing this for me. A little later, I was informed that they came up with enough money to get my HVAC system repaired. I came to tears when they told me this and had the HVAC team repair my furnace before the winter season. I couldn’t be more thankful and I decided to bake everybody a bunch of treats for all their trouble. I knew that I couldn’t offer much, but I was overjoyed that they all loved the treats. There’s no other place I’d want to be than a supportive community like this.


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Everybody should be making sure they have good air quality

I happen to be a professional cleaner.

I go to all kinds of residences and take care of all their cleaning needs. Typically, the busiest time of the year is during the spring when most people want to take care of their spring cleaning. Oftentimes, I will deal with poor air quality and a great deal of dust. I always tell people that they should invest in a proper air purification system. I also make sure they keep their air filters up to date so that I don’t have to suffer when I am cleaning the homes. There was this one house that was extremely bad with the air quality. When I checked the air filter, I felt like I was going to throw up. There was so much gunk on that thing, it was really nasty. It smelled really bad too. I knew there was a problem when the A/C was on and the smell wasn’t so nice coming from the HVAC vents. I told these people that they better have their ductwork cleaned out or I wasn’t going to be doing any cleaning work in that house. They tried to get some other cleaners to take care of the cleaning instead, but nobody else wanted to take the job either with such horrible air quality. They ended up listening and got their ductwork cleaned, a new air filter, and they even installed a nice air purification system. I was glad that they did it, and even they were happier now that they had better air quality. Hey, it’s something that is good for your health, so everybody should be doing this.

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I took ownership of the old lakehouse and installed a ductless mini split HVAC

Some of the greatest memories I have are going to the old lake house my family owns.

Up until recently, my parents owned the lake house but we wouldn’t go nearly as often as we used to.

We would always go out there during the summer months and enjoy fishing in the lake and swimming. We had a nice HVAC system in the house too so when we would go back inside, the temperature control settings were always just right. When my parents were talking about selling the old lake house, I told them they shouldn’t do that. I actually thought it would be nice to inherit the property from them if they didn’t want it. They told me that if I really loved the place that much, I could have it. So I took ownership of the property and knew that it needed some renovations and upgrades. I had an HVAC worker out there with me to assess the house. He said that the ductwork was pretty much shot, but he said that wasn’t exactly terrible news. He told me that I would be able to install a nice ductless mini-split HVAC system. This type of HVAC system doesn’t require any ductwork so I would save a lot of money. Not to mention, this type of HVAC system provides both heating and cooling and is extremely energy efficient. I decided to go for that installation and I was really happy with the new HVAC. Now I just had to do some renovations around the property and I would be able to really enjoy the place. I can’t wait to have family and friends visit at the lake house on the warm summer days.


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