College building with no a/c

Everyone says that it requires blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish something great.

When I was in college, there was one building that everyone avoided taking classes in. It was the oldest building on campus, but it had a fatal flaw. There was no air conditioning in it! Mind you, I went to college down south. A building without air conditioning is virtually unheard of and borderline uninhabitable! Yet, my college was the one institution that would overlook that extreme level of discomfort. Apparently, the structure of the building is too old to install central air. They purchased window units for open areas, but this makes virtually no impact on the temperature in the actual classrooms. That being said, everyone rushes to register as soon as possible to avoid getting stuck in that building. One semester, I overslept and missed the opening of class registration. By the time I woke up, I had no option but to enroll in several classes in that dreadful building. I spent half of that semester in a tank top with my hair pulled back. I even started to carry around a small battery powered fan in my bag! That seems ridiculous, but everyone in the building knew how hard it was to survive without the air conditioning. We all had come up with our own unique ways to cope with the heat. Everyone says that it requires blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish something great. When I finally earned my college degree, I felt a heavy emphasis on the sweat component! As I became more successful, I decided to give back to my university. I donated to the alumni funds, but under one condition. I wanted my money to be used on temperature control. Whether it be in the old building on campus or in newer dorms, I wanted to make sure that the new students were comfortable at our school!


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School air conditioning

When I was younger, I remember wishing that I could have school over the summer.

Even though that sounds completely insane, I had good reason for it.

Growing up, my house did not have any form of air conditioning at all whatsoever. Because we live in a primarily cool area, my parents did not think it was necessary. They said that it’s okay to not be comfortable for a few months of the year. It was easy for them to say since they got to escape to work for 40 hours a week! I, on the other hand, was stuck inside our stuffy, hot house all day long throughout the week. It was no fun at all to be off of school if it meant that I was going to be sweating it out in complete and utter boredom! The last few weeks of school, the summer weather would arrive. I remember cherishing those hours of air conditioning before coming home to a hot, stuffy bedroom. I actually dreaded the last day of school. I looked for reasons to stay after school while I still could. I was never that involved in school activities throughout the year, but I always made up for it in the last month of the school year. For example, I attended final exam study sessions and end of the year events. However, eventually I had no choice but to just suck it up and go home. Eventually, I went on to become a teacher and a principal. As the principal, I make sure that I always run the air conditioner liberally on hot days. Not only does this help kids focus, but it reminds me of when I was young. I like the idea of being the cool relief for another student that might need it.

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HVAC Training Day

Last month I graduated from college and got my certification to be a heating and air conditioning specialist! I just got hired for my first job in the heating and cooling business. This HVAC business that hired me to be one of their heating and air conditioning workers had a strict training program the new heating and cooling specialists had to go through. It was classroom style training and very helpful to be able to get started in the heating and cooling industry! They taught us about what to do in certain situations with some of the brand new HVAC technology and equipment. The things that we were not taught in college. Things like repairing radiant heated floors and smart thermostats, for instance. Some of this latest in heating and cooling technology was not part of the college courses. I was in the heating and cooling specialist training at the new job for 2 complete weeks. It ran from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. A full work day. I just had my very first heating and air conditioning repair job. And it is a good thing we had that training class, because my first heating and air conditioning system repair job was for an HVAC system that had something go wrong with heating and cooling zone control! HVAC zone control systems was something I just learned about in that training class! They really need to update the college courses, because not all heating and cooling companies will do these training classes! I guess I just got very lucky with the HVAC company I now work for.

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That was even more than one month’s energy bills! I was not happy about the loss of power and air conditioning

Thunderstorms can be nice for some people. But for some people, thunderstorms can be a total nightmare! This was the case for me last summer. We ended up having one of the biggest thunderstorms in history. And because of this, our power was out for 2 days! Not to mention, it was very hot out. This also meant no central air conditioning system! Having no central air conditioning system in this heat where I live can be a major problem. Some homes in the area invested in back up energy sources to run their central heating and air conditioning systems in the event of power outages. Our home was not one of those! During this time, we had to take off from our jobs and go to a local hotel in town that had the power back up. This was just so we all had access to quality air conditioning! We could not even run some kind of fan in our home because of no power. This was a real bummer. Just for us all to have air conditioning we had to spend almost 100 dollars per night at this hotel. For the 2 days we were there, that was almost 200 bucks plus food. That was even more than one month’s energy bills! I was not happy about the loss of power and air conditioning. No one we knew had air conditioning to even be able to go stay with them for a few days. That hotel’s air conditioning system was our only choice. When it was all over, I kept talking about how much I hate thunderstorms!


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Space Heater Malfunction

Last winter my family and I decided to try to save energy by buying a bunch of space heaters to heat our home.

This was a big change from us usually running our central heating system all winter long.

The space heaters actually did save us a whole ton on our electric bills. However, we had one pretty big issue with one of the space heaters. It started giving off this really murky kind of smell. Space heaters are not gas, so we knew we were not in any danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. But the smell was pretty bad, and we had to turn off the space heater in the one bedroom we were getting this from. I called my friend, who happens to be an expert in the HVAC field. He told me to bring the portable space heater over to him to have a look at the thing. I went over there with the portable space heater, my friend found out the space heater had overworked itself. This was quite unusual, but it happened! The answer to repair the space heater was to replace one of the heating grids inside of it. Normally, this would not be worth doing. It would be a lot cheaper to just go out and buy a brand new space heater. However, my friend had the part and was willing to do it as a favor. After my friend replaced the heating grid, I took the space heater home and plugged it back in. It was working like the other 7 we had throughout the house. I really owed a lot to my friend.


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The Downtown Shops

Me and my girlfriend took a trip into the city recently downtown to go check out some shops.

She wanted to check out some clothing stores, and I was looking for some special replacement parts for our home’s heating and air conditioning system.

I used to be a certified heating and cooling specialist, so I always do any kind of HVAC repair that is needed in our home. Our heating and air conditioning system had not been working completely up to par as of lately, and in order to fix it, I needed some pretty deep HVAC part replacements that you could only get in the city. They had the most advanced HVAC parts store downtown. So, I went down there in search of what I needed. While the girlfriend was shopping, I went into this one store that their speciality was heating and cooling equipment. I spoke to the main sales person on duty and told them exactly what I needed. He was able to point me in the right direction. And what do you know? I found what I needed on sale for half off! If you want to talk about great luck, I must have had it that day. I needed a few parts for the HVAC motor. I was in and out of that store within 15 or 20 minutes. I then went and found my girlfriend in the clothing store down the block. I told her I got what I needed. When we got home, we had a working HVAC system again. And my girlfriend had some new clothes for herself.
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Moving into an apartment plus setting up Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C

When I first moved into our apartment our Dad was giving me all kinds of advice plus to be honest, I didn’t listen to any of it.

I absolutely regret that I ignored all of her advice, but last week our a/c stopped working because I didn’t listen.

I remember now that she told me it’s important that I do not put things on top of the fan on the A/C unit, even though I was being stubborn. I figured it would be wonderful if I put a few things on top of the A/C unit, the grates were protecting the fan… Well, 5 Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C visits later plus a gigantic bill plus I l gained our lesson! Heating plus cooling systems are not cheap! I absolutely had no clue how high-priced it is to call an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist. On top of that, I didn’t recognize that getting an a/c installed was almost as high-priced as the A/C device itself! Basically, one of the clay pots that was on top of our a/c was hit plus small chunks went into the fans of the A/C unit. I don’t absolutely understand why, but this caused a lot of problems for our seasoned a/c. The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist said she might have been able to fix it, but the device was about to die anyways. I went with the cheapest new a/c I could find, plus it absolutely hasn’t been that bad. It’s absolutely better than our seasoned A/C unit, so in a way I am glad that I broke the last one. Now I will listen to any advice that someone gives me about our home or Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C related things! I do not want to be calling an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist anytime soon.


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Don’t cheap out on your furniture

Your appearance makes more of a different than you assume it does, and i’m not talking about looks, mind you, no one has any control over that.

I am talking about the things both of us can control, prefer cleanliness as well as how both of us dress as well as present ourselves to the world, however taking good care of yourself as well as how you present yourself can make or break you, regardless of how smart or clever you might be.

I l earned this lesson the difficult way when I first opened up my consultation corporation as well as experienced a honestly difficult time, a neighbor of mine commented on the furniture, which made myself and others laugh out loud! Why on earth would something prefer my wooden office chairs have any bearing on the work I do, this confused me, but my neighbor explained that for a lot people, first impressions mean more than anything, as well as seeing shoddy mismatched furniture made them question my entire business. I was blown away by this news, it had never crossed my mind that the office furniture was going to represent myself and others as a corporation owner. I did not hesitate to get rid of a lot of those wooden chairs, as well as the tea table too, as well as order current stuff for the office. Almost immediately I noticed a change in my customers, who might not have consciously noticed the furniture, as well as yet it still helped. A classy office with attractive furniture gives a far better impression of myself and others as well as the work that I do; Remember this advice if you ever open up a business, to not cheap out when it comes to furniture!

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Strict parents when I was young

When I was young, we didn’t really have anything fancy when it came to heating and cooling technology.

  • I wasn’t allowed to do a whole lot because my parents were very strict.

I wasn’t even allowed to play at other people’s houses. My friends would always ask me to come hang out at their house, but I would always sadly tell them I was not allowed. Because of this, I never really experienced fancy air conditioning. We mostly would use stationary fans in our house. I often wondered what the thermostat was even for because we hardly ever used it. I do remember the one day, I got in so much trouble when I was curious about it. I really didn’t know, but I wanted to know. I cranked the thermostat all the way to the left, and then I heard air flowing through the house like there was some hidden fan somewhere. I noticed the air was coming from the air vents, and the air was really chilly! It was blazing hot inside the house and that chilly air actually felt great. When I decided to see what would happen if I cranked the thermostat the other way, then this hot air came pouring from the vents! I didn’t want that since it was so hot so I cranked the thermostat back to the cooling air. When my parents got home and felt how cool it was in the house, they started yelling at me. They said that I am never to touch the thermostat because it costs a great deal of money to run the air conditioner!

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I’m an energy saving freak!

It started when I decided to enroll in an HVAC system maintenance plan

I used to think that the only way to really save money on my energy bills was to just not use the HVAC system so much. Of course, you will save money if you don’t use the HVAC nearly as often or you don’t crank up the system nearly as much, but there are other ways to save! I have stumbled upon some energy saving tips that have helped me enormously with saving money. It started when I decided to enroll in an HVAC system maintenance plan. The HVAC worker I was speaking to about energy saving tips said that if your HVAC system is in excellent health, naturally you will save a good amount of money because the system does not stress in the least! The better the performance of your heating and cooling system, the more energy you will save! Also, I have learned the crucial importance of changing out the air filters regularly. It also helps a great deal to purchase high quality air filters that help to keep your HVAC running at full capacity, and also this is great for the air quality! Talk about knocking a few birds out with one stone! Another energy saving tip that surprised me was something I would have never of thought about, using the energy saving LED bulbs in the summer season! I know they also have compact fluorescents, but I don’t recommend those because they are dangerous when they break and they break so easily! The LED bulbs are perfect though because they are durable and don’t break easily. They also emit very little heat which helps your air conditioning not to stress so much!

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