Group fitness training together as a bridal get together

My associate is getting married and she is being a total bridezilla.

The people I was with and I have all needed to put in so much time, currency and effort in her event that we were all unhappy.

Being the maid of honor I felt it was my sworn duty to remind us why we are all friends and make the birthday day seem a little bit more fun. The health and fitness center located in my city offers a bridal fitness class. I decided to get the women to sign up for group fitness training classes. All the bridesmaids as well as our fabulous bride did the training class the whole time we prepared for the birthday. The certified fitness expert we had started with making us bring our bridal dresses and having them adjusted to the specific size we wanted to be. The people I was with and I then had to put on the dress and say where it fit snugly. Then, the personal trainer got to work with deciding what body area we are toning up and where we needed to lose weight in order to fit in the dresses. Most of us needed to tone up arms and bellies. So a lot of the exercises we worked out as a group. This was very good since we pushed each other to work better. There was a lot of competing between us. Our one associate typically complained she was dying and added a little humor. I had a much more private exercise with the trainer since I wanted to build leg muscle. The program was very good and fun. The personal trainer was perfect for us and we all looked good on the substantial day. Every event and get together should do this.

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Taking a semi-private fitness training class with my buddy

I am a lover of fashions and fads, especially the fitness ones. I did zumba, pole dancing, and hot yoga. I will do almost anything that people say can help you lose weight; Unfortunately, I have a fad based personality. I will do the work out for around a week and then say it is not working. I supply it up and never lose any weight. My associate Tara was all over me that I needed to try out personal fitness training at a health and fitness center in town. The gym offers semi-private fitness training. This is where Tara and I together would share a personal trainer. The trainer would help us lose weight, gain muscle mass and teach us to work out typically. At first I was a little skeptical to going the personal training path. It seemed like a lot of currency for not a lot of gain. I typically last a week on modern type of working out too. Tara signed us up for the month and forced me to agree to commit to it. I am now quite cheerful that my associate pushed me into fitness training. It is so much better than doing a full class with a ton of people. The personal trainer is good to me and keeps me motivated. I warned him that I often tend to quit after a week. She made sure that did not happen by setting new fitness goals for everyday that rolled over into week more than one. I guess very wonderful about myself and that I am accomplishing something. I am basically getting one on one attention because I only share him with my buddy.

Corporate wellness programs offered on a monthly basis

I work for the most giant business but I am stuck in the warehouse.

I do a lot of heavy lifting, welding and operating of heavy machinery.

Way back in the day, tons of women would be out of the task and on workers comp. Accidents can happen on the task and people get hurt. Well, the business got very sleepy of paying for the workers to sit at home. It also was pretty awful for workers morale and very hard to hire people if you get a reputation of having more than 2 disfigured workers. So, a few times a year the workers and I do a corporate wellness program at a personal training center. This is where the whole group of us take a few classes and learn how to handle our bodies. The people I was with and I are given exercise routines to stay active and fit. The people I was with and I do a few group physical training classes and a group fitness training class. Apparently being in a large group of women working out builds morale and makes us work harder. Every quarter we take the classes for a whole week. The system is that we can keep working out together afterwards or just do the weekly personal fitness program. Most of the women are still working out at a local body wellness center. They do the free week with the rest of us and use the personal trainers. I have toyed around with the system of making this where I do my work out. I get a personal trainer numerous times a year correcting my working out right now though. It seems no matter what I do the program is working, less women are getting hurt.



Fireplace should be washed

Have you ever dealt with unit failure that left you wanting to scream? That happens to myself and others pretty often, despite the fact that I also labor as a quality control analyst for this software supplier.

While it is my task to figure out why something broke down and fix it, I can’t say that my task is absolutely easy! What’s worse is when my labor seems to follow myself and others home, as stuff around the house spontaneously stops functioning officially; My fireplace, of all things, is a fantastic example! Last winter, I used my fireplace all of about multiple times, somehow, despite barely using the fireplace, it has become absolutely filthy and coated in soot! You would guess the fireplace has been burning wood consistently for weeks, with the amount of ash under the fire pit. After dealing with this for so many weeks, I decided to reach out to my local HVAC supplier. I knew it was a stretch, despite the fact that I asked if they had any specialists that catered to fireplace service and repair. Sure enough, they did! When I talked to the fireplace specialist, he explained that the chimney would always be a source of dust, soot and ash – unless I had a special door built into the chimney, which would prevent it from dropping into the fireplace. With that expertise in mind, I decided to beginning researching this “door”, because I’m sick of my fireplace looking so filthy all the time.



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The newest addition

So my girlfriend and I have been living together for about multiple years, and we live pretty deep in the south, and where both of us live is surrounded by swamplands.

While our house is pretty comfortable and spacious, it has trouble staying cool in the Winter time time, but in an attempt to resolve this issue and improve our home’s air quality, both of us invested in an extensive renovation to our central air conditioning! Overall, the house is now much cooler! Unfortunately, 1 room of our house still gets too warm.

Our master study room tends to overheat in the Summer due to where the sunshine hits the outer walls of the house, so both of us have to add extra air conditioning to the study room particularally, and as redundant as it sounds, both of us found relief by having a window air conditioning component installed in the window of our study room. As you could imagine, having a window air conditioning method providing cool air exclusively to our room has fixed the problem entirely! On top of that, the air conditioning method also helps to improve the air quality itself, as the method has an air purification function built into it, but this helps to cool the air, clean it clean of any bacteria, and ensure it is as pure as can be… Honestly, we’ve never slept better than when both of us had this air conditioning component installed in the study room! The best area is that this component is surprisingly efficient, so it doesn’t run the electricity bill up, either. I’m glad both of us made the decision to option up this window air conditioning component when both of us did!

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Can't clean the fireplace

Have you ever dealt with device failure that left you wanting to scream? That happens to me pretty often, but I also work as a quality control analyst for this software company.

While it is our job to figure out why something broke down in addition to fix it, I can’t say that our job is truly easy! What’s worse is when our work seems to follow me home, as stuff around the home spontaneously stops functioning properly… My fireplace, of all things, is a great example… Last winter, I used our fireplace all of about 4 times! Somehow, despite barely using the fireplace, it has become entirely filthy in addition to coated in soot! You would guess the fireplace has been burning wood consistently for months, with the amount of ash under the fire pit.

After dealing with this for so several months, I decided to reach out to our local HVAC company. I knew it was a stretch, but I asked if they had any specialists that catered to fireplace service in addition to repair. Sure enough, they did! When I talked to the fireplace specialist, he explained that the chimney would constantly be a source of dust, soot in addition to ash – unless I had a special door built into the chimney, which would prevent it from dropping into the fireplace. With that proficiency in mind, I decided to start researching this “door”, because I’m sick of our fireplace looking so filthy all the time.

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My need for perfection is costing me a fortune

Even when I was a child I was extremely picky.

When it came to everything from eating, what I would wear, or what I wanted in my bedroom, I was really difficult to deal with.

Now,, as an adult, all of those same things can make life very expensive. I even work two jobs just to pay for the expensive things that I want. It isn’t only the fact that I like the finer things, I find that in order to have things that will last for years to come, I must find higher quality pieces. I could buy from one of those stores that scream about low prices but most of the items they have are simply junk. Now, we are lucky to have a custom furniture place here in town that will incorporate your choice of wood, size of the piece you want, and fabric of finishes to match your decor. I am willing to save up for each piece I order and wait to have it made. I take a lot of pride in my home and it shows. Many people my age buy things because they are cheap and don’t care if they have to replace them in a few years. I figure in ten or twenty years, when I still have the stuff I worked so hard for, they will regret doing things the way they did. Yes, being picky about things can be costly, but in the long run well worth the hassle. Take the time and find a quality piece and you will treasure it for a very long time.



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Transition can be hard when it means sacrificing the things you love

After losing my job about six month ago everything else seemed to go downhill.

My girlfriend decided that she needed her, “space”, and I had to rehome my dog because I couldn’t afford to keep him anymore.

Now, I am in the process of selling off my possessions to pay the last month’s rent before I move into my new smaller place. All of these changes have been difficult but I really have no choice in the matter. The thing that I hate losing the most is the set of bookshelves that were built for me. A friend of mine went to school for carpentry and built them for me as a gift. There was no way that they will fit in my new smaller place so I have no choice but to let them go. Whoever buys them will definitely have a quality piece of furniture that should last them for years. They are made solid oak and put together with wooden pegs instead of nails or staples like most that you purchase in the store. I am not sure if I will ever be able to afford such quality pieces again. Maybe one day when I am back on my feet I can contact my friend again. I will probably have to pay him to build me a new set of shelves as he is working for one of the big furniture manufactures now doing custom work for their clients. Maybe I should go back to school since I don’t have a job right now. I could even look into some sort of trade like my friend that has more possibilities employment wise.

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Making mom happy was not an easy task

When my grandmother past we had the difficult job of going through her things and having a garage sale. Prior to the sale, my mom, along with her siblings went through the house to see what they wanted as mementos. To our dismay, mom insisted that we take the old, formica, yellow dining room set. It had four chairs that were covered in matching yellow vinyl. I didn’t want the set but we wanted to make mom happy so I figured I could just store it in the attic until she forgot about it. That as my plan anyway until mom said she couldn’t wait to see her grandchildren sitting around the table like she did as a kid. She said that it was practically indestructible and nothing stained it. It was perfect for kids. Now I was going to be stuck trying to incorporate it into my decor and I didn’t even like yellow. When we got home with the set I put it in the garage until I could figure something out. A friend of mine works for a design firm downtown so I called her to tell her about it and ask for her help. She stopped a few days later to take a look at it and when I showed her she got very excited. She said that this type of table set was very hard to find and especially in such good condition. She immediately started talking about ideas of what we could do to make it work in my kitchen nook. She said we could make it look like an old diner and it would be really cute. I am sure glad I have a friend who can see the possibilities because I sure can’t.


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Recreating the past and restoring the glory

Driving through the countryside upstate you can’t help but fall in love with the scenery.

  • Beautiful forests, sprawling farmland, and the old farmhouses and barns that can be seem miles away.

We always had a dream to own one of those country wedding venues and when we saw the for sale sign on a piece of property we knew we could bring it to reality. The house was in good shape and the barn was structurally sound. We really wanted it to remain pretty much the same but add some modern features to make it more comfortable for events. This would take some serious customization to hide things like air ducts for an HVAC system, plumbing for bathrooms, and wiring for sound systems. We lucked out and found a carpenter who had the talent and skills needed to do the job. In the house we hired an interior designer that specializes in vintage motifs to bring that 1920’s elegance to the brides area and guest rooms. All of this was rather costly but we knew we could make it a place to remember that would draw couple from far away to make it a destination wedding venue. Today, we have the ability to either purchase replicas or even find actual items that will make any home exactly as you want it. Customizing the area you live or work in makes it your own. With the right team of designers and workmen you can accomplish anything you can dream of and make it a reality. We are very happy with the way our venue turned out and will be forever thankful to the people who helped make it happen.


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