Getting a good Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation

I’ve been come up short too many times by various people and businesses over the course of my life. This has made me a bit distrustful of people. It takes me a long time to form relationships with people and even longer to finally trust them. I am the same when it comes to the businesses that I rely on for regular services. It took me a long time to find a dentist that I felt comfortable with and who has satisfactory prices. I have gone through a whole bunch of mechanics over the years, many of which were either too expensive or did horrible work. They were always trying to talk me me into another repair or replacement part when I did not need it. All in all, I am grateful for the fact that I have found an HVAC contractor that provides excellent work. They are also completely dependable and their prices at fair. It has been a pleasure to work with them. I never forget when it is time to call them and scheduled regular maintenance. I also always listen to their recommendations when it comes to a furnace or air conditioner malfunction. I know I cannot risk the performance of the heating or cooling unit. Because I have been such a long and dependable customer, they offer me considerable discounts for their services and parts replacements. I may not trust certain people or companies, but once they have earned my trust, I remain a faithful customer. For as long as possible, this particular HVAC company will be handling my Heating and A/C services I am considering asking them for some air quality suggestions.

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The mistake towards our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit.

I remember my parents taking risks with our Heating and A/C unit. They would skip a year of professional maintenance for the gas furnace or the cooling system or both. This is something I probably would not have noticed except there were several summers and winters during which we ended up living with inadequate cooling or heating. Now and then, we had no cooling or heating at all. Without the essential maintenance services, our Heating and A/C units would sometimes break down and we would be left without the operation of them for a while. My parents would then need to save up the funds to cover the necessary repairs. The repairs were certainly more expensive than preventative maintenance. I did not consider my parents to be irresponsible and they raised me to take good care of my possessions. It’s just that they tended to to cut corners in some areas that should have been taken good care of. As an adult, remembering those chilly winters and overheated summers, going without whole-home temperature control, I make sure to have my HVAC system inspected twice per year. Now that I have my own home, I want to ensure the reliability of the HVAC equipment. One way or another, my parents taught me to be proactive in keeping up with the essential repair and cleaning of the temperature control components. As a result, I have enjoyed the rewards of longer-lasting, more efficiently operating air conditioner units and gas furnaces over the seasons. I am relieved to have found a reputable and affordable HVAC contractor to hire for these services.

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Harsh weather and Heating, Ventilation, and A/C

There are places in the world that experience distinct seasons.

Ideally, the seasons last for several months each.

I expect it to be chilly and snowy during the winter, and mild and rainy in the Spring. It should be hot and humid in the summer, and cool and crisp during the fall. However, the seasons in my area do not work that way. Both Winter and summer time are severe and yet rather short. Because of this, the Winter and summer seasons can show up without much warning. Maybe if it would get gradually cooler as fall and Winter progressed, I would be better about remembering to have my furnace serviced by a certified HVAC serviceman before it become so cold. Instead, it can be mild one week in the late fall, and then, suddenly cold the next week! Before I know it, I need to start up my furnace, and yet I have not had the opportunity to have it diagnosed! It happens much the same in the summer. The afternoons stay nice and warm, yet breezy enough to open a few windows to keep cool. The next day it might be 90 degrees with 100% humidity! Because of this fluctuation, I have learned to ignore the strange weather that my region experiences. I choose a specific time each year to have my cooling unit and furnace maintained, no matter if the weather it super hot or cold. That way, I will be prepared no matter what the weather brings. Even during the cold snaps or the heat waves, my temperature control units are able to handle it!


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Tackling responsibility and Heating, Ventilation, and A/C

I tend to be rather forgetful at times.

  • I often forget someone’s name that I should not, even if I always remember faces.

I am frequently embarrassed when I run into to someone who I have met several times, and I have forgotten their name. I think I have short term memory loss or something. I have actually researched dietary supplements that are supposedly to help you retain memory. Despite my problems with memory, there are plenty of responsibilities I need to keep up with. Some of the more important tasks, I am very careful about tending to! As an example, I sometimes neglected to change out the air filters of the HVAC system. The air in my house would become gradually become dusty. The air conditioner would begin to struggle before I figured what the issue was. Then, I would be in a rush to change the air filter. There were times when I forgot to set up an HVAC contractor to come take inspect my temperature control units to prepare them for the upcoming season. They would not be prepared for the summer time or winter. It may only need to be taken care of a few times a year, but it is something that I make sure to mark on my calendar. Even weeks in advance, I’ve found that marking my calendar helps me keep better track of things! Because of taking care of regular maintenance of the air conditioner and furnace, the equipment runs more reliably and efficiently.

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An official Heating, Ventilation, and A/C care

I wasn’t always the greatest at balancing my budget.

There was a time when I pretty much lived from paycheck to paycheck.

It shouldn’t have been necessary, because I was making enough cash to save up. I was not saving any of it and instead spending my money on frivolous things. It was fairly simple. if there was cash in my pocket, I spent it. It took me quite a while to break this habit. Important expenditures would be left to last, because I would forget about them or sometimes ignore them. HVAC repair was not something that I considered to be of vital importance. I always tried to get by with as little service for my Heating and A/C component as possible. Of course, I changed the air filters regularly, but I was never good about scheduling actual maintenance with an HVAC professional. When both the a/c and my heating unit quite out me in the same year, I changed my way of thinking! By the time I hired an HVAC contractor, in each case, the component was already too damaged to fix. I had to live through almost a whole year without proper cooling or heating. It was necessary to raise the funds to afford a new air conditioner and heating unit. It took very careful budgeting and saving in order to be able to install a temperature control system. This taught me to be more careful with my money! Nowadays, I make sure to save my cash and I always have the a/c and gas furnace serviced every year!

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Moving into a new home and setting up HVAC

When I first moved into my new home my mom was giving me all kinds of advice and to be honest, I didn’t listen to any of it.

I really regret that I ignored all of her advice.

Last week my air conditioner stopped working because I didn’t listen. I remember now that she told me it’s important that I do not put things on top of the fan on the AC unit, but I was being stubborn. I figured it would be fine if I put a few things on top of the AC unit, the grates were protecting the fan. Well, 5 HVAC visits later and a gigantic bill and I learned my lesson! Heating and cooling systems are not cheap! I really had no clue how expensive it is to call an HVAC technician. On top of that, I didn’t know that getting an air conditioner installed was almost as expensive as the AC unit itself! Basically, one of the clay pots that was on top of my air conditioner was hit and small chunks went into the fans of the AC unit. I don’t really understand why, but this caused a lot of problems for my old air conditioner. The HVAC technician said he might have been able to fix it, but the machine was about to die anyways. I went with the cheapest new air conditioner I could find, and it really hasn’t been that bad. It’s definitely better than my old AC unit, so in a way I am glad that I broke the last one. Now I will listen to any advice that someone gives me about my home or HVAC related things! I do not want to be calling an HVAC technician anytime soon.


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My son has started HVAC school

Since my son has started in HVAC school, I have learned more than I ever thought possible about the darn things! I never knew there are so many HVAC parts and names, I don’t know how he remembers them all.

The great thing about my son training to be an HVAC technician is that he is willing to do AC repairs for free! Last week the air conditioner had a leak in it, and he went right over and fixed it up.

My heating and cooling system has never functioned this well. He also has given me some energy saving tips, which have really impressed me. He told me that when the thermostat is in heating mode I shouldn’t turn the temperature below 65 degrees or above 75 degrees. I thought this was great advice, sometimes I will turn the heater up way too hot. I now understand how important it is to change the air filter and do routine maintenance on my HVAC system. It really amazes me how much he has learned about HVAC in such a short time. Normally, his teachers say, it takes students a few years to understand as much as he does about HVAC. I am sure in just a few years my son will be opening up his first HVAC business, at the rate he is going. Then maybe the whole family will get free air conditioners and oil heaters! Then again, probably not, he is pretty strict when it comes to his HVAC stuff. I am so proud of him for becoming an HVAC technician.
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Car Temperatures

My husband and I have been married for almost fifteen years now, and I have to say that we have had an amazing marriage.

We were best friends for years before we got married, so we knew that we got along great.

There are some things that never come out until you live with someone for some time though. We hardly ever fight, but we definitely have our different preferences. Something that we can never seem to agree on is the temperature. The house is usually set to the temperature that I like because I am home most of the day, but the car on the other hand is something that we constantly argue about. I like the car to be much warmer than he does, so I end up setting my side at about seventy-five, and he sets his side at about sixty. It makes the car about seventy degrees which my husband thinks is too warm. It is more of a joke between us than a real argument. In general whoever gets into the car first gets to set the temperature. We sometimes end up racing to the car. He usually gets to the car first because he is faster, so I always have a blanket in the car just in case I get cold. If I complain that the car is too cold, he usually gives in and sets the air conditioner to a warmer temperature. We truly love each other, and we truly enjoy competing over the temperature in the car. Maybe someday we will be able to compromise.

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Air Conditioner Issues

I love my job, and I love that I get to travel so much.

My job is to basically present the products that my business produces.

I may be sent out west for a couple of days or I may be sent out of the country for a couple of days to present our products abroad. I have been with the company for almost twelve years, and I have been traveling for them for eight years now. I have been to twenty different countries presenting our products. I almost always have a day or two to sight see wherever I am visiting as well, so it makes the trips even more fun. Every once in awhile, I will fly in a plane that is not the nicest. The last trip I took, I traveled in a plane that did not have very good air conditioning. I am used to freezing on planes, so I dressed warmer than the weather outside suggested because I thought that I would freeze like usual on the plane. Of course, my blower for the air conditioner was not working at all. I asked to switch seats, but the flight was completely full. I was flying first class, so I never expected to be without air conditioning. Not only did my air conditioning not work, but the entire plane was much warmer than usual. It made the thirteen hour flight feel like a five day flight. I have never been so thankful to get off of a plane in my life. In the end, the trip was very nice, and I had air conditioning on the plane ride back.

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College building with no a/c

Everyone says that it requires blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish something great.

When I was in college, there was one building that everyone avoided taking classes in. It was the oldest building on campus, but it had a fatal flaw. There was no air conditioning in it! Mind you, I went to college down south. A building without air conditioning is virtually unheard of and borderline uninhabitable! Yet, my college was the one institution that would overlook that extreme level of discomfort. Apparently, the structure of the building is too old to install central air. They purchased window units for open areas, but this makes virtually no impact on the temperature in the actual classrooms. That being said, everyone rushes to register as soon as possible to avoid getting stuck in that building. One semester, I overslept and missed the opening of class registration. By the time I woke up, I had no option but to enroll in several classes in that dreadful building. I spent half of that semester in a tank top with my hair pulled back. I even started to carry around a small battery powered fan in my bag! That seems ridiculous, but everyone in the building knew how hard it was to survive without the air conditioning. We all had come up with our own unique ways to cope with the heat. Everyone says that it requires blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish something great. When I finally earned my college degree, I felt a heavy emphasis on the sweat component! As I became more successful, I decided to give back to my university. I donated to the alumni funds, but under one condition. I wanted my money to be used on temperature control. Whether it be in the old building on campus or in newer dorms, I wanted to make sure that the new students were comfortable at our school!


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