Thermometer Turns into Thermostat

It’s not exactly rainbows and lollipops living in this post-pandemic world, because there still aren’t guaranteed control measures for avoiding potential sources of contamination.

These days, I am thinking that a lot of people are still uneasy about the chance of contracting the dangerous respiratory virus, however the people I was with and I have not improved methods of detection. For a while, my spouse plus I were making use of a touchless temperature gun at the front door of our mom plus pop shop. Both of us realized that body temperature wasn’t the world’s most perfect indicator of a potential source of COVID-19 contamination, however it was the best we could do. Since our state re-closed, we’ve stopped using the temperature gun at the shop… But now my spouse has been using the thermometer as a thermostat and detecting temperatures all over the place. No, he has not been determining our forehead temperatures everyday, in fact, he has become obsessed with bettering our indoor air temperature control system by searching for temperature disparities around the home, but every afternoon, he makes several laps around our home pointing the temperature detecting gun at every corner of every room. He says he has been trying to locate temperature disparities, including uneven boiling plus freezing locales throughout our living space. After he has completed his indoor round of air temperature detection, he makes his way spritely to the outside of our home plus begins searching for cool patches from outside. At that point, he tells me that he is looking for potential air conditioning leaks around sliding glass doors or windows or whatever. He wants to tighten up the sealing around our beach home to trap any high quality indoor air locked inside, while also improving the treated air distribution of our central HVAC system where we want it. I suppose that COVID is causing everyone to be sort of obsessive, however my spouse’s new air temperature obsession is going to make all of us sick with aggravation.