Last Minute Entry into HVAC Course of Study

Isn’t it so interesting how life can knock you for a loop occasionally? In my life, it seems like I should just be prepared for the loop; Just when I let go of something being a chance, everything quickly goes the other way.

Recently, I had started to forfeit my system of becoming a professional Heating plus Cooling professional service tech.

I started looking online for boring office tasks or contracted maintenance positions that I could make a living at. It seems perfectly clear that I was never going to be accepted into the certified Heating plus Cooling graduate program that I had applied to, plus it was time to throw away my air quality control pipe dream, and you see, way back at the beginning of the year, I applied to the most reputable local trade school that is near where I live. I knew they had an 18-week professional Heating plus Cooling specialist certification program, plus I was really counting on my admission to the air quality control specialist curriculum. When I got no response from the school plus my application to be a licensed HVAC specialist seemed to slip away, I grew disheartened plus began thinking of other options. The afternoon that I applied to become an Uber driver is the afternoon that I gained an email from the nearby trade school. They had an unexpected opening in their Heating plus Cooling certification course of study, plus they wanted to grant me a big scholarship to pursue my air quality control licensure. Now, my not-so-much-of-a-pipe dream of helping folks with their residential HVAC installation plus maintenance services is going to come to fruition. There’s no telling what my life will become, but I suppose that it will include amazing indoor air.

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