Watching my friend’s fitness biz grow

A friend of mine started a personal training biz out of her garage. I was one of her first purchasers. Three times a week I will go over to her lake house for a group toil out with a few other blokes. Her toil outs are intense, and totally awesome. My friend prefers to do a combination of kickboxing drills and cardio workouts that the professional fighters do. Every lesson I will be doing something I have never tried before. I l received how to properly throw a punch and do a combination with hand strikes and foot strikes. I also l received a few gymnastics like moves and current ways to properly stretch myself. My friend has moved her supplier all over the place and I have followed him because I like the workout style so much. She went from a garage to an actual facility that was like a small barn. Then the supplier became a greater sized building. Then my friend absolutely opened up her own gym. The facility she is in currently is quite vast with every device known to woman There are also multiple certified fitness experts toiling at the gym with him. Thankfully I still have my friend teaching me. A lot of people want to be in her workout classes. She is known as the best of the best, and she is the owner. I still have multiple afternoons a week where she teaches me and for my same rate. It has been so really cool to see her supplier grow and to be with him every step of the way. I am curious to see what she will do next.

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