Unwilling to go camping and go without heating and cooling

My boyfriend, Peter, spends all of his free time outside.

  • He loves hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and rock climbing.

Whenever possible, he takes off into the woods and spends the entire weekend living out of a backpack. He constantly invites me to join him on these adventures. While I enjoy spending an afternoon involved in outdoor activities, I want to go home at the end of the day. I am reluctant to be at the mercy of the weather. I’d prefer not to sleep on the ground and go without running water, dishwasher, microwave and my coffee maker. I work really hard to be able to afford the latest modern technology and amenities. I spent a great deal of money to install a state-of-the-art furnace and air conditioner in my home. I have a smart thermostat that lets me make adjustments to indoor temperature through an app on my smartphone. My home is always heated or cooled to perfection. The HVAC system circulates and filters the air, keeping the living environment clean, healthy and fresh. Having such a comfortable home doesn’t tempt me to spend a weekend in a tent, bathing in a freezing cold river and cooking my meals over a campfire. I don’t want to deal with heat, humidity, rain, sudden cold snaps or bugs. After a day spent hiking, I’m sweaty and exhausted. I look forward to a shower, good meal and soft pillow. I love my bed and need my furnace and air conditioner. like knowing that the weather won’t be a factor in my ability to relax and get a good night’s sleep. If Peter wants to get away for the weekend, I would be willing to stay at a resort and eat room service.

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