Trying to write a ductless HVAC song

Growing up, I always had a knack for making little tunes in addition to singing catchy music that I liked to share with those around me.

Everyone always thought I would grow up to be a singer, or at least write songs for a pop star.

That never happened, though. I absolutely did try however! I sang out at the local bars in addition to nightclubs, restaurants in addition to parties but it never went anywhere. I even got myself a manager in addition to recorded a self promoted album, but that never caught on though. Although my music is catchy, I guess I just do not have the voice to carry those songs. That is why I now write music for a living, mainly commercials, actually. I make songs for local companies to promote their products in addition to saying what they do. I usually have no issue whatsoever creating these songs, but today I just can not seem to make it work for this Heating in addition to Air Conditioning dealer. The HVAC tech owns an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company in addition to is looking to sell more of his ductless HVAC options. Of course I have to include the word heat pump, ductless and mini split in the song as well. For the life of me I can not find a word that rhymes with mini split in addition to would also fit in the song. It took me over a month to find a word that works with a heat pump. This may be the hardest project I have ever tried to do.

a/c worker