The rotten fruit smell in the apartment

The first time I walked into my new loft, I absolutely adored it.

  • It had beautiful hardwood floors, cement countertops, in addition to everything being completely replaced.

It was perfect for me! I signed the lease right out, and everything went smoothly on move in day. My furniture fits just right. I settled in in addition to spent the first few mornings fixing up the place. On the second day I began to smell a faint rotten fruit smell, although I figured it was a fluke in addition to did not do anything about it. As the mornings went on the scent grew worse in addition to stronger. I could not get away from the odor! I searched in addition to hunted although I could not find the source of the disgusting smell. Eventually, I alerted my landlord who promised to look into it right out. I did not hear anything back from them for almost a few days! I spent as much time as possible at work or at friend’s places to avoid the odor. Eventually my landlord informed me that the aroma was caused by my neighbor leaving old fruit out. I could not believe it! Apparently, the apartments share a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning device in addition to therefore sharing ductwork in the walls and ceilings. My acquaintance had neglected to change their garbage box in addition to leaving everything there to stink up the place. To make it worse, they put the box right under the Heating in addition to the Air Conditioning vent! This means that the a/c in addition to gas furnace were sucking in rotted air.


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