The local gym is terrible however just so close

There is a local gym that is under a two minute drive for me.

It is very easy to park and located right next to my normal grocery store.

I can toil out for an minute, shower there and then get my groceries for the week. It adds up to being a productive Tuesday. The issue is that the local gym is an utter dump. The showers are always filthy and the water doesn’t drain properly. The toil out units are either out of order, rusted or just plain gross. There is a lot of missing gear as well. Typically finding more than one weight of the same size is difficult. The yoga mats are all ripped and stained. The easy drive is what brings me back there. Around 40 minutes away there is a core progression studio. The showers there are so much cleaner. There is amazing water pressure, endless warm water and the whole locker room is neat and clean. I also can take group fitness classes or toil on my own with a personal trainer. The place is current and always operational. They have everything from treadmills, weight machines to hand weights. The yoga mats range from being just a personalized one to a huge folding mat for the more drastic stretches. The facility is just so much better. I don’t like making the 40 minute drive though. I literally am just driving there for a workout. The drive time is longer than what I do at the gym too. It makes for a very long sweaty afternoon. But, I really don’t care for my old facility in town. I just don’t believe what option works better for me.

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