I have the best HVAC system in my car for longer trips

I always think it’s hysterical when I talk to various people about road trips.

  • A lot of the time, people assume that a “long” automobile trip means anything over 2 hours.

I can’t help but smile when I compare the road trips I take to theirs. You see, every month or so I endure an automobile ride that takes anywhere from 10 and 12 hours. However, it happens to me so frequently that this is the norm in my world. Although, it seems to freak everyone else when they begin to comprehend what that experience would be like. I witness a lot of shocked faces, and phrases like “I could never!” Overall, it’s not such a bad experience once you get used to it! The key is getting yourself adjusted and comfortable in the drive, and to let go of all control of the situation. One of the most wonderful ways I’ve found to accomplish this is to have impeccable indoor temperature control systems installed into the car. There is nothing more terrible than feeling as though you cannot get the right air temperature or humidity level set up while you’re trapped in a tiny car. It can be demoralizing and anxiety inducing to be continually cool or warm. I also find that my respiratory health is at risk by the quality of our air temperature control devices, since all of the breathing air is being passed along through a series of air filters and fans. If these things are not well tested, then my lungs and I notice instantly. Sure, it is more expensive to service a vehicle’s heating and cooling system, however, I think it is worth it if you are planning on being in a car.



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