I got set up on a date with a personal trainer

It seems that most people in my family are desperate to set me up.

I am in my early thirties and still have no kids and have never gotten married.

Anyone who knows me always has someone that they believe I need to date. I get set up with various plumbers, HVAC specialists, mail carriers and any other dude that would come for a service. I have gotten where I don’t like to go on blind dates at all anymore. Recently my mother got me to go on a date that turned out to be perfect. At first I was hesitant to go since my mother wanted to set me up with a personal trainer at the core progression center. The trainer was not even the one that does her ladies fitness class. That means my mother had literally tracked the fitness expert down, showed him my picture and forced him into this date. I really didn’t want to go, however after all that trouble, I did it for her. The personal trainer wound up to be a much better date than a normal handyman. For one, the guy was built. I am used to going out with pudgy, balding and way too old for me dudes. The personal trainer was around my age and never been married. Another benefit is that a certified fitness expert does in fact make really good currency. He is not making the same wage as the area time high university student running the front desk. He has a lot of classes that he teaches and does personalized instruction for a handful of clients. Learning about his job was absolutely very interesting. I am hopeful about this guy

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