I found a foreign fitness room that was amazing

I like taking an international trip once a year or so. I pick out a current country and make a 10 afternoon itinerary for whoever wants to go along with me. Typically, my mother is the only person who will go along with me. The more than one of us are like more than one peas in a pod though. Anything I want to go and do, I believe she is game for it. The people I was with and I basically wanted to see a few of the sights, eat at cute cafes and get a superb workout in. When my mother is coming with me I make very sure the hotel has a superb fitness room. The one country I went to had a community pool and a toil out area. That turned out to be an amazing find. The people I was with and I were staying in a very small neighborhood at a local bed and brunch. The people I was with and I were walking a great distance away from the fitness center. The local pool was heated geothermally. There were also warm tubs, steam rooms and a sauna. The best area was inside of the facility and was all toil out equipment. One room was dedicated solely to cardio equipment. There were treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and jump ropes. The next room had most of the weightlifting equipment. There even was a separate room with heavy bags and yoga mats for stretching on. The more than one of us loved making that area of our routine. The people I was with and I could nosh on whatever we wanted at the bakery since the fitness center was so well equipped. It is still one of the best fitness facilities I have ever seen and it was in a foreign country not known for toiling out.

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