I am doing way better in the couples fitness class

My wifey and I made the decision to lose weight as a couple.

  • For years we have been overweight and suffering from many health problems due to it.

The first thing we did was cut all beer and all fried foods. Then we found a personal training gym that gave group fitness classes and nutritional counseling. I signed the more than one of us up for both of those. The health plans we were given were realistic and easy to follow. Once a week the more than one of us meet with the counselor to talk over how the health program is going. Are we ecstatic with the amount of food and quality of the food? Have we been cheating on the health plan? It became clear very early on that this genre of eating and toiling out is perfect for me. My wifey has really been struggling a lot though. I never cheat on the health plan and my wifey always does. I attend every single group fitness class because I paid for them. I want to lose weight and I also don’t want to eat all the cost. My wifey frequently will not go to the Monday evening class and instead stay at home. You don’t lose weight with that behavior. You can tell that I am the more motivated one of the couple. My wifey has lost 20 pounds still which is good.. I have lost 60 pounds so I had to buy a more current wardrobe for myself. I get people all the time commenting on how good I am looking. My wifey really needs to kick it into gear if she wants to keep up with me.



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