Fitness books regifted for my birthday

My little sibling is probably the single worst gift giver in the world.

  • I think area of it is that she procrastinates and the other aspect is that my sibling is a very cheap person.

You can tell that she stores things around her condo for Christmas afternoon or someone’s birthday. I recently acquired a birthday present from her that was just books. I got multiple books that all had to do with the benefits of using a personal trainer. One of the books was more about becoming a certified fitness expert. I am not a toil out type of girl or that interested in attending or teaching group fitness classes. What happened is that my sibling was dating a personal trainer at the core progression near us. They dated for a few weeks and then they broke up. The woman blatantly left her books behind and my sibling decided to wrap them all up for me. They are not a disappointing read but. I have to admit that after studying the 1st book, I have been thinking about personal training. Apparently having a personal trainer focus on your fitness routine keeps you motivated, on track and less likely to quit on doing my exercises. A personal trainer also ensures that the exercises stay current and fresh without exacerbating the already existing injuries. I have thought about checking out the core progression now. I would just be sure that I don’t get my sibling’s ex as my personal trainer. That would be a bit awkward. But, other than that, I think my plan of taking a private fitness class is not so bad. I could do it for a week to start.



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