Finding I like Yoga was a surprise

My old friend Janet has been trying to get me to do yoga with her for years. For a long time I said no because I did not think it was such a superb toil out. Where was the weightlifting? Where was the cardio and the heart pumping section? I figured yoga was all about relaxation and looking through your 3rd eye, so I figured it was a total waste of time. My friend Janet finally convinced me to come when she vowed to me that it was a hardcore toil out. I went in with very low expectations. I left really loving the class. No, you are not going to get a superb cardio workout with yoga. All weights lifted in class are under 5 pounds. So yoga is not the genre of workout that will build muscle mass. But, I have found that stretching in yoga is very beneficial for me. I have a lot of nagging injuries from playing school soccer. My hips, knees and feet consistently give me trouble. After doing the yoga classes with Janet, my whole body felt great. I got really warm, loose and well stretched. The yoga poses absolutely felt amazing on my body. I was quite sore afterwards from just doing the holds for extended periods of time too. So I am really getting something out of it. I would not want to do yoga solely for a workout. But I don’t mind going to the class every now and then. I also use the yoga stretches often to help out my nagging injuries.

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