Doing a group fitness class just to try and meet some people

A lot of people begin to toil out because they want to lose weight.

They correctly toil out to look a lot better or to believe they are healthier.

For me, I started going to a fitness center for something to do. After school I moved to a city very far away from home. I knew noone in the town and was feeling very lonely. I did not want to go out to eat brunch or the motion pictures by myself though. I needed to find a hobby that was a solo one however that also got me around people. I then decided to try out a gym. The only gym near me was a core progression one that pushes personal training. That meant I had to be with a trainer one on one or in a group fitness class with a certified fitness expert. I chose to do the class in hopes I might meet some people. It was the best decision I ever could have ever made. The group fitness class just started out giving me something to do. The class has you partner off quite a bit. I started partnering up with this one girl and we immediately became good friends. The group then ends with each woman toiling on their individualized goal. My goal was to get a lot better at running and cardio. I always end on a treadmill or elliptical. The people with me in this section were super friendly too. I ended up organizing group parties and such after the class. I made a lot of friends just by being social and toiling out. I like living here so much better now.

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