Cutting out red meat early on in my life

Back when I was attending university I had really disappointing acne.

I also faced a lot of stomach problems often.

I used to toil out at a personal training facility where they gave nutritional counseling. I met with a counselor only to learn how to repair my skin and belly problems. The nutritional counselor was really great. The people I was with and I went over everything that I ate in an afternoon, what seemed to exasperated my stomach and when my acne was the very worst. The nutritional counselor was the one who suggested that I try cutting out meat totally from my regular diet. It seemed anytime I ate meat my stomach would be exasperated. The reduction in fats and grease should help my skin too. The counselor was totally right and I still am very thankful everyday for her suggestion. I have been meat free for 10 years now. I don’t eat any red meat at all regardless of holidays and limited menu options. My stomach is a lot happier now that I only eat fruits, vegetables, and a bit of pasta. My skin cleared up right away once I cut out red meat. Now I have noticed that dairy is starting to cause problems with me. If I eat a lot of cheese, I will be in pain. I think I am eventually going to go vegan. Cutting out all pet products should keep me so healthy and ecstatic. I have thought about going back to nutritional counseling just to make sure that I get enough protein and essential vitamins. I wouldn’t care to be hurting my body in the other areas.

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